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Gain the upper hand in your breakup situation or relationship... 

Unlock all the strategies you need.

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 Our two books "This Girl's Got an Ex" and "This Girl's Got Game" are every woman's ultimate relationship guide to regain dignity and confidence in their relationships with men 

Confidence Journals


Self-improvement is a goal that you can start fulfilling right now.

Our confidence journals will unlock your potential to heal, grow and ultimately transform into the best version of yourself.


They will inspire self-love, self-respect, and self-confidence. They will unleash within you greater self-awareness and a feeling of self-empowerment. 

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Personalized Relationship Game Plan

General strategies are great, but sometimes you need specific tactics.

Our Game Plan  Product is one of a kind. A personalized Game Plan strategy guide will be created by Leandra specifically for you and your particular situation individually suited to you and your man.  

1:1 Coaching with Leandra

1:1 coaching directly with Leandra will allow you VIP access to the most effective, intelligent, and bespoke strategies for your personal situation.

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California, USA

 Leandra is hands down the best relationship coach out there. I have referred Leandra to numerous of my girlfriends, and we all agree that she is phenomenal at what she does! She somehow gets into a man's mind and can read him and his next move. It truly is a gift! 
I have worked with Leandra for four years now through breakups, dating, and an engagement. She has guided me through it all!  I have bought every single one of Leandra's products, and they are all inspirational and transformational! You are in the right place. This Girl's Got Game and Leandra will help you in one way or another. Listen, learn and love. 
Thank you! 

Mature Woman


Perth, Australia

Leandra and her company have truly transformed my love life. She really is the ultimate secret weapon in making an ex realize what he's lost. Her strategies work! 

I have dedicated myself to working through a confidence journal every month and I have found this to be so transformational. I have also received a Game Plan from Leandra which was insightful and priceless because it was tailored around my personal relationship issue. This Girl's Got Game just keeps giving and changing the way I think about myself, men and relationships. 

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London, England

Hi My name is Karabo and I have received coaching from Leandra for two years now. I can not begin to explain how much Leandra has helped me with my confidence and understanding my own power in my relationship. I absolutely loved reading "This Girl's Got Game" and I think every women should have this book, it is incredible! I have also purchased Leandra's personalized Game Plan and it was so detailed and helpful, I loved it and refer to it often. I then decided to proceed with 1:1 coaching and found it life-changing! Leandra is wonderful at listening and answering all the questions I had with warmth and knowledge. Thank you for helping me become a "Girl with Game". 

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