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Soft Angel 

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You have a beautiful heart and a loving soul. You want your man to feel loved and supported. You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve. You forgive easily and tend to be hurt often. Without realizing it, you often sacrifice your happiness to make your man happy. You think that when he is happy, he would feel that he couldn't live without you. The problem is that it has the opposite effect.


Unfortunately, men tend to lose respect for you because they think you are overcompensating to get their affection, loyalty or approval. They don't fear to lose you because they know they have the upper hand. Implementing small behavior changes will dramatically improve your communication style with men and increase the amount of respect and attention you will receive.

Step 1: Adopt strategies to be more assertive 
Step 2: Learn how to become unpredictable 
Step 3: Understand why men need mental stimulation


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