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A Girl with Game VS a Girl Who’s Tame

There is a distinctive difference between a Girl with Game and a girl who is tame and men are able to identify a Girl with Game immediately.Men might initially think they want a tame girl who will be eager to please him in order to gain his affections but when they find one, they tend to become bored quickly. They tend to sleep with these girls quickly, take them on a few dates and shortly after place them into the friend with benefits zone, mistreat them or straight away toss them away and move onto the next girl.

What’s the difference between a Girl with Game and a Girl who is Tame?

Girl with Game – She has basic assertiveness and sets boundaries – and this is what prevents her from being mistreated. She is emotionally strong, independent and understands the power and skills she possesses as a woman by knowing how to use this to her advantage. She is happy giving her man his space because she enjoys hers. She’ll pull back at the slightest sign of disrespect and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She doesn’t pursue a man but allows him to instinctively chase her. This makes her more of a challenge. She is the woman who excite men and who he wants to commit to. These women are in very short supply and currently only occupy 20% of the female population.

Girl who is Tame – She tends to be too nice, predictable and is often perceived as needy. She hides her low self-confidence by trying to be overly sexy or acting like one of the guys. She always seems to end up being cheated on or ignored and doesn’t understand why. She comes across as too sweet, accommodating or too agreeable, which makes the men she dates become bored very quickly. She thinks amazing sex will win a man’s heart and that if she sleeps with a man he will develop feelings for her. She is too available and considerate.

Why a girl who is Tame hardly gets the guy

Often women give or do something nice for men in exchange for something else, often attention. This is extremely transparent to men. The attitude you have about yourself, as seen through your actions, is precisely the approach a man will have towards you. If a woman is sacrificing her beliefs, values or time for a man he will then expect her to always do this. He will treat her how she treats herself. Men use the tame girl and like the way she nurtures them, but will drop her the moment they meet someone more challenging.

Why a girl with Game always gets the guy

Men love anything they have to work for, make it easy and they will lose interest. This is because men secretly respect a feisty woman who is tough and has confidence. Men find it attractive if a woman has self-respect in who she is. He can't desire someone that is too easily available. This doesn't mean you have to be unreasonably bitchy or cold. It merely means that a woman must be in control of the situation she is in and keep him guessing until he is emotionally invested.

Having Game is a skill that can be taught and one that I suggest all women learn.

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