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Being Passionately in Love – is it Down to Luck or Having Game?

Throughout the years I have come to understand that some women strongly believe that being in a passionate, romantic and electrifying relationship with a great man is either unrealistic or purely based on luck. Because of this belief woman land up settling in dull relationships solely based on compatibility or friendship.

Here’s the thing… as hard as it might be to hear at first, you create your dating and relationship luck and only 20% of women truly understand that being lucky in love actually means having game. Whether it be instinctively or learning and mastering these skills, Girls with Game keep things passionate and interesting with a man on a long term basis. Any woman who is open to becoming a Girl with Game, can expand their own set of skills and create their own “luck” within their current relationship or in their quest for finding Mr.Right.

So what is this special skill? It may surprise you but having CHARISMA is a big part of what gives a woman the pulling power to make a man feel an intense desire for her and secure his long term interest and devotion . The great news is having the disposition of a charismatic person is relatively easy to learn. At a very basic level, all women have it in them to charm men.

Being Charismatic Means:

Having a strong sense of character

This means being strong yet kind, feminine and sweet on the outside but strong like steel on the inside. She doesn’t give up her life in order to make the man her priority or chase the man. She will stand up for herself when a man crosses the line and isn’t swept away easily by a romantic fantasy. She understands that being “too nice” and submissive to a man makes her appear weak and predictable which in turn makes her boring. She remains a mental challenge and keeps him on his toes. Her independence oozes sexiness.

Being Confident and charming while communicating

Charismatic women are confident women – or at least they have the capability to give the impression that they are confident. She keeps her insecurities to herself and doesn’t let a man know where her weak spots are. She is control of her emotions which allows the woman to hold her own while communicating in a strong but subtle way in a variety of different situations she is put in with men. Her techniques allow her to quickly connect with men on a deeper level instead of the ‘basic’, tedious insincere conversations most women strike up with the men they are interested in. This allows her to instantly create a deeper connection and allows her to be more influential and mysterious. He feels as though he has known her for years, yet has everything to learn about her

Being Optimistic

A charismatic Girl with Game tries to see the best in her current situation and in other people. She remains happy and ‘bubbly’ regardless of her surroundings and circumstance. Her positive attitude is infectious and uplifting to the man because it alleviates the stress of his own life. The last thing a man needs is a negative woman complaining about the weather, her aches and pains, how she’s so fat, always feels unloved by him and that everyone is ganging up on her. Men are problem solvers so when you always tell him about problems he can’t fix in order to make you happy he becomes frustrated and uninterested because he feels he can’t make you happy. If a woman is positive, she, therefore, has the capability to encourage him to see things as she does. She is always cheerful, so automatically he becomes cheerful and she becomes a drug to him. He might forget the nice things she says or kind gestures she does for him but he can’t forget how she makes him feel.

Being charismatic involves interacting with men enthusiastically, with passion and eagerness whilst displaying refined body language and composure. It involves training yourself to love yourself first, think positively, having optimism and self-confidence. We can all learn to be more charismatic by developing our skills through understanding and practice.

So what’s it going to be? Are you going to continue being “unlucky” in love, or are you going to change your life and finally be a Girl with Game who secretly knows the techniques needed in order to create that undeniable spark?

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