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Letting go of an Ex in 6 Steps

It happens to us all at some point and it hurts like hell. You thought you would have some kind of future together but that person just didn’t feel the same way. First things first, there aren’t any quick fixes to help you get over an ex who you felt deeply for. However, there are some guaranteed ways that will make it easier.

Step 1: Face reality

Be hard on yourself and make it clear that if someone doesn’t reciprocate your feelings you are better off. Think of how much extra time you would of wasted on someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you. In the end of the day just because you weren’t suited doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you. It just means that there is someone out there better for you in every way.

Step 2: Remove all traces of them

I mean ALL of it! Holding a picture of you two whilst wearing his t-shirt drenched in his cologne aren’t going to make you feel better about the situation. All it's going to do is assist in sending you down a spiral of mixed emotions and sadness. So, give it all back to him or chuck it if he doesn't want to collect it, out of sight out of mind.

Step 3: De-friend and unfollow them on social media

There’s nothing worse than seeing the man who you thought loved you partying it up with women and having the time of his life without you, days after the break-up whilst you are hurting. Believe me whether he was the one doing the dumping or he was dumped.. boys going to be posting those pictures like no tomorrow. If he doesn't want you to be in his life as a girlfriend why would you still be linked to him or his life. Click that un-friend button baby.

Step 4: Get Hot

Do it for you, not for him. When you better yourself as a person, whether physically or emotionally you will discover that it’s easier to let go because you will love yourself enough to never settle for someone who doesn’t worship the ground you walk on. Get a new outfit or hairstyle, splurge on anything special for yourself that you normally wouldn’t do.

Step 5: Never underestimate the power of a rebound boy

Sometimes meaningless flirtation and dating could be just what you need to distract you, or it could even push you into the arms of Mr Right. Have a bit of fun, enjoy the attention, get your confidence back and then concentrate on making a life without this person.

Step 6: Be patient

Don’t put pressure on yourself to get over him in a click of a finger. It doesn’t work that way. Give your heart time to heal the death of this relationship and all the feelings that go with it. Scream, cry, punch a pillow and feel your pain but don’t dwell on it. It will get easier and it will hurt less. Focus on yourself and work through the stages of rebuilding your heart.

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