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The top 10 Biggest put offs for men

While there’s no doubt your feminine attributes are powerful man magnets, there are certain things you do – things we all do – that turn men off. If you want to get a guy’s attention or you want to impress him, stop worrying about the things you can’t change about yourself. Now I know you know of some guys who claim even the slightest of imperfections would turn them off, but more often than not, you’d see the same guys dating a girl who has the same physical imperfections they mentioned. Guys can say a lot of things about their preferences in a girl and they can appear to be really picky, but if you’re a great girl with confidence and a lot to offer those imperfections will become beautiful to him. Having said that, there are a few things all ladies need to be aware of in order not to put men off.

1: Crying

When a man "smells" a woman's tears he becomes less attracted and less sexually aroused by her. Researches proved that human tears send chemical messages which in turn decrease the testosterone levels of your partner helping him be less aggressive and more sensitive to your feelings. Your body releases these chemicals to "protect" itself as you are vulnerable. Therefore, as this causes a loss in testosterone his libido drops and he is not sexually attracted to you. He also feels annoyed as he doesn't know how to fix the problem. Men are problem solvers so when you cry all he wants to do is fix the problem, but 9 out of 10 times he can't. And here we thought it was our runny noses and ugly crying face that turned men off.

2: Friendships with your exes

He wants to be your one and only. He thinks your ex is keeping in touch because he wants to be on your mind to hinder your progress with your boyfriend. He also doesn't want to hear how good your ex was at cooking or that he was a great guy. Just like you don't want to hear that his ex-had amazing boobs and everyone loved her.

3: Wearing too much makeup or perfume

Wearing too much makeup or perfume reeks of desperation or conceit, someone should only have a faint whiff of your smell when you walk past. If you wear loads of makeup on your first date that is the standard you have set for the way you look. You don't want him to wake up next to you in the morning and think “who the heck are you?” Therefore, less is more especially in the beginning of the relationship

4: Talking too much during sex

Don't ask him what he's thinking or ask him a million questions about his day. This is not the time... Oh and ladies please don't ask him if he loves you.... He will lie, deny and sweet talk you to get what he wants. Just because he says it doesn't mean it's true.

5: Drinking like a minor

No one likes to date a mess, hold yourself like a lady. If he’s out at a party with you it’s so he can have a good time, not to babysit and clean up your vomit. Men view a drunk woman as being sloppy and unappealing. It will only cause you embarrassment so drink responsibly with him and leave the drunk humiliation for girl’s nights only.

6: Having bad hygiene

This is self-explanatory. Take care of yourself, and not only when things start getting funky. Smell good all the time! Dirty nails and dirty hair are especially distasteful to men. If you are going to grow your nails naturally try your best to keep them clean, painted and neatly filed. Nails and toenails are one thing that we sometimes neglect but are so important. Notably, hair is one of the most important physical attributes of any women and is something that has to be looked after. Make sure your hair is trimmed regularly, clean, soft to the touch and always fresh smelling.

7: The baby voice

All women at some stage use the baby voice to get what they want. Subconsciously women have been trained to be cute, helpless little girls in order to make a man yield to them however this does not make him desire you. Men find the baby voice annoying; he wants to think of you as his sexy women, not his baby sister.

8: Playing dumb

This trait has possibly been taught unintentionally by our great grandmothers and has been passed down from generation to generation. In the past, educated women were labelled as "trouble". Traditionally, the average man's perfect wife material was someone who could cook and keep a clean house. Times have changed, intelligence and independence are sexy to a real man. When a man is secure and really wants you he wants an equal partner, someone who challenges him mentally.

9: Too much swearing

Men find this unattractive and a huge turn-off. It portrays a limited, unintelligent vocabulary. Men perceive women who swear a lot to be "easy" only strippers or prostitutes had a foul mouth back in the day. A man still likes to think of his women as a prize and a lady. No man thinks a woman who swears constantly is sexy.

10: Disclosing TMI (too much information)

Men like to think women wake up hairless, don't have periods and are always put together. Basically, men like to think you poop out candy or actually that you don't poop at all. He doesn't need to know the details of your bowel movements or how often you wax your moustache. He needs to believe you wake up looking feminine and beautiful. Think old school -" I have to go powder my nose" we have all heard that line before - those were true ladies, they never said I need to go change my pad.

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