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Why 80% of women need coaching

Most women don’t hesitate spending tons of money on personal trainers, gym memberships and beauty procedures yet are hesitant on investing in learning the fundamental skills to not only attract a man but keep a man. A woman’s Image consists of only 10% of the influence she has on her man, 90% consist of her “having game” in other words being self-empowered, knowledgeable and irresistible to the opposite sex. There comes a time in every woman’s life that she is placed in a position to make her relationship work. The sad part is only around 20% of women know the secret on how to not only get the man of their dreams but keep him happy and loyal to her and her only.

If you’re like most women, you’ve attempted to resolve your self-esteem, dating and relationship dilemmas on your own. However, it is very difficult to fix or improve on something that you might not be fully aware needs changing. So 80% of women have settled for just being comfortable in their love life and relationships, while constantly fearing being cheated on, instead of evolving and learning simply because they believe passionate love is unrealistic or hoping they are immune to getting their heart broken. Sometimes a fresh perspective and improved skill set is all you need to attract Mr.Right and have a renewed energy and motivation for your life or relationship with your current partner.

When women are faced with relationship dilemmas they either think “Do I kick the a—hole out of my life? or “Should I go out of my way to make him love me by being be nice and becoming a doormat. Most think the only solution for their problems are black or white. This is not the case; you always have options, powerful options in the form of strategies, words and actions that break the current patterns you face and provide instantaneous improvements.

We have all had moments when we think back and say “Wow if only I knew then what I know now, my relationship or interaction with him would be so different” As a woman if you don’t continue to address your limitations and work past them you will continue to struggle in your relationships with men. You have got to be willing to try new techniques, to feel awkward and to push yourself in order to learn. You have got to be willing to face those things because that is what’s necessary for you to grow and to become a woman with game. Woman focus so much on getting a man yet grow complacent when they have him.

I strongly suggest to every client I have and woman I interact with on a daily basis to think seriously about developing their relationship techniques with men. Once you begin to broaden your knowledge and skill set whilst focusing on developing your strengths, you will be on the road to success and becoming a Girl with Game. Coaching is a step towards reminding you to do the things you know within your heart, that you should have started doing a long time ago to succeed in love. You can click from website to website, you can have date nights, spend expensive weekends away, buy sexy lingerie, demand he pays you attention and talk to him about your relationship issues until you are blue in the face but, you will get nowhere; only for the same issues to return again and again.

Reading this text is a direct message that life is giving to you to take action into your own hands, to help you acknowledge your own greatness as a woman… IT’S TIME…it’s time for you to be happy, it’s time for you to be loved and it is time for you to keep going after what you want. You have got to take the first step…learning from a coach who has spent over a decade researching and mastering skills you are not yet aware of is taking that step. Your friends will take notice, your colleagues will take notice, your family will take notice and most importantly HE will take notice. You will be able to release all fear from your love life. Fear of rejection, fear of inadequacy and fear of not being loved.

Take this first step and watch yourself evolve, watch new levels of the game unfold for you. Watch yourself develop into the woman you have always wanted to be. It’s time for women to start winning in this game called love.

The benefits are here waiting for you…. Go for it!

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