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Don’t think like a man – Think like a woman with Game

“Act like a lady but think like man…” this is the so called “formula” for success sold to women either regarding their career or their relationships. Not only is this statement implying that men have superior thinking, therefore this is something to aspire too, but it is most importantly ruining the chance for women to attract a good man.

There is a difference between understanding a man and his thoughts and thinking like a man

As I have discussed in several blog posts and in my upcoming book This Girls Got Game - our way of thinking is powerful because our thoughts become things and if a woman has to think like a man this will be portrayed in her attitude and her actions. Women are acting like men with their little black books of sexual partners and by suppressing their emotions and fearing commitment. This in turn is paralysing heterosexual women in the dating world and causing an epidemic of lonely heartbroken women. For a female to think like a man this means that she must not think as a woman or act like a woman. In her mind if she acts like a man she will be considered strong, independent, an Alpha female and the ultimate seductress. This could not be further from the truth.

A heterosexual man isn’t looking to date another man

When a straight man is looking for a partner he is looking for a feminine equivalent. A female’s softness, kindness, attentiveness and goodness is what he craves. He wants to see the world in a different way by you showing him how. He wants to be made to feel like a man or to be inspired to be a better man. He enjoys being the pursuer, the problem solver and the provider. Now in no way, am I saying that a woman must not be independent or proactive, however, this must be done in a feminine way. A woman is so powerful if she knows how to use her born given gifts and talents to her advantage. Her feminine charm and thinking, can help her man express his emotions, motivate his success and bring out the characteristics he has bottled-up. A man enjoys a challenge but he should not feel that his masculinity is challenged with his partner, a partner should complement him. It’s our differences not our similarities that make relationships exciting.

You can’t beat men at their own game by trying to imitate a man

Most women who act like men are the same women who have been cheated on and hurt by men. Their trust and loyalty was taken advantage of. I get it. So they walk around leading men on, cock teasing and calling themselves self-processed “Female Players or Black Widows” to protect themselves from potential heartache. All this will do in the end will cause more heartache. Women are emotional creatures and no matter how hard we try to suppress our feelings they will ALWAYS bubble to the surface. Thinking like a woman does not make you weak if you learn how to strategically think like a woman, how to harness your born given power and how to accentuate your femininity.

Why think like a man when women are the ones with all the power?

All you need to do is learn more about the leverage you hold and unlock your potential. Men are aware and have always been aware of the power the female race possesses, that is why for centuries men have tried to suppress woman in countless ways. So why are women not aware of their own potential? Instead of trying to act like a man, learn how to tap into your own power. Women were naturally created to be alluring, beautiful, influential, soft, sensual and persuasive. Our maternal instincts are always in gear; therefore, women can intuitively identify which situations and individuals are dangerous and should be avoided. It has been proven that women are psychologically superior at communication and processing words, females have better cognitive skills and the female body even produces pheromones specifically designed to attract men.We have been created to obtain the power of feminine charm and the art of persuasion.

Stop wasting your time trying to imitate men in order to feel empowered or loved and start learning how you can tap into your own power as a woman - knowledge is power.

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