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Does my ex still think about me and miss me?

The first part of your question is YES. Of course, he still thinks about you.

The truth is: your ex is thinking about you often. He's thinking about you when he drives past the street your house is or where you work. He's thinking about you when he watches a movie, and the main character has your name. Your ex is thinking about you when he sees a memory on Facebook pop up or walks past a woman wearing your perfume.

The second part of the question ("Does he miss me?") ultimately depends on YOUR actions and whether you have what I call Game. This would be how you are carrying yourself during the breakup.

So how can you make your ex miss you? In my book This Girl's Got an Ex, I explain everything you need to know about making an ex realize what he's lost, but for now, here are some things to acknowledge.

1: The Time Apart

There are two factors to consider here

A: How long you were together for

B: How long you have not been in contact for

The reality is that ex-partners think about each other no matter how long they were together. However, the longer you are with someone, the more of an imprint you have in their heart and life. So the likelihood of feeling the absence of you in their life will be more apparent.

You can only give the person the space to feel your absence so they can decide what to do about it. If the connection was as strong as you believe, then this gives him the opportunity to realize this for himself.

2: If You're Too Visible After the Breakup

An ex will always want to know what you are up to. It doesn't matter if he ended things. It's human nature for men to be curious about how a woman has moved on after the breakup. This is precisely why keeping a low profile is so important. An ex who can see where you are (and what you're doing) and your 100 selfies of you won't feel your absence from his life. He will know you're not going anywhere, seeing anyone new, or doing anything that would prevent him from getting you back if he changed his mind. You want him to wonder if you're out having fun, not be sure of it. You want him to notice your weight loss, not see it posted every week on Facebook. You have to provide just enough to get his interest but not enough to lose it.

Does he like your Facebook pictures, comment on your post, or send you cryptic song messages or quotes? Get your copy of This Girl's Got Game and learn Phone and Social Media Mistakes to Avoid and Phone and Social Media Techniques a Girl with Game uses.

3: The Jealousy Game

Is he throwing a new girl in your face, is he splashing photos of them everywhere claiming how amazing she is! He might be doing this to get under your skin. Men know that women are extremely competitive with other women when it comes to gaining their man’s attention. Men always want to have the upper hand, so when you get upset, it reassures him that you still care A LOT.

In his eyes, your reaction says you feel he is special. He is testing to see how you are going to respond to his disrespectful behavior. Are you going to become emotional, insecure, and upset? Or are you going to show your value and worth through your confidence? He’s doing it because he knows you will pick up on it.

4: He's Curious

Have you heard from a mutual friend that he asked how you were or if you were seeing anyone? This is simple; he still cares, and he doesn't want you to be with anyone else even if he isn't ready to be with you himself. Or on more than one occasion he's at the same party, shopping mall or event? Did he know you would be there? Sure he did! He either wants to see you or get a reaction out of you. Either way, he still cares and probably misses you.

5: He Cares About who you are Dating / Seeing

He's giving his 2 cent opinion about the guy you are seeing. "He isn't good for you; he is a bad boy," he will say. "He will break your heart; he's ugly." Regardless of his opinions about the guy you are seeing, he relinquished his right to have an opinion about your choices when he broke up with you or when he started seeing someone new.

6: Contacts you Frequently

Whether they are nasty texts, sweet or flirtatious calls, or just plain pointless videos. If he is finding reasons to contact you, he is missing your attention, affection, and presence! Period!

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