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How to Play Hard to Get With a Guy - The Right Way

I’m sure you’ve heard a man say “I hate when girls play games.” Some men might say they don’t like girls that play hard to get. Well, I’m here to tell you that is the biggest lie right after “I didn’t look at her.” When most men are asked, they admit that they love it when girls play hard to get. They see it as a challenge. But sometimes men don’t initially recognize what they really want. Men have an inner battle with themselves: a part of them wants to win quickly (getting or sleeping with a girl), but a larger part of them wants to win with skill. When a man accomplishes something easily, he gets angry at himself and resents the girl for ruining his own self-rivalry. Males are competitive. They want a challenge. They want to know that the best man won and that they are the best man.

Now it’s understandable that men don’t want their one night stands to be hard to get. That’s logical because their goals and motives are different with that girl. But someone who they respect and want to date, well that is a whole different ball game. That is pure entertainment that lasts.

Technique 1:

Appear to be a little pickier with who you date

A girl who is hard to get appears to only be happy when she is dating a particular guy. This keeps the man on a high because he feels special compared to the other guys. The girl will make her guy feel better than anyone else can. In turn, he respects her and places value on her and their relationship. He considers himself lucky to have her and he feels he needs to continuously prove himself worthy of her love. Therefore, only date men who you generally like or are interested in and don’t settle for anyone.

Technique 2:

Don’t be too Available

Men are naturally wired to be the pursuers. When a girl is interfering with his natural instincts by becoming the chaser, she automatically becomes less desirable. So a Girl with Game never responds straight away after receiving a text and allows his first call to go to voicemail. She waits at least 30 minutes before replying to the initial contact. It creates that nervous butterfly feeling that shows the man she isn't desperate for his attention. She even times herself if she's feeling tempted.

Be available, but have your own life. When he asks you out for a specific date, check your availability and get back to him. Plan your own time and only try to squeeze him in if you have an open time that suits YOUR schedule. The key is to show him that your world doesn’t revolve around him or his wants.

Technique 3:

Set the Pace for Communication

Texting is not for long conversations. Texting is for short messages that can be used to build attraction. You should be mysterious and easy going. The last thing a guy wants to see is a 6-part text message declaring your feelings and explaining in detail what you did today. Keep the texts short and sweet.

The same applies to phone calls keep it no longer than 10 min and ensure you are always the first one to end the call.

“Okay gorgeous ill speak to you later”

“Thanks for the call sweetie it's been so nice chatting to you ill chat to you later”

Technique 4:

Compliment him but Don’t Sweet-talk

Compliments, if given correctly, create so much of a connection between two people that they make desirability and love intensify as if by magic. Praising a man shows him that you take notice of his efforts or praiseworthy attributes. He sees compliments as little gifts of affection, but only if they are sincere reflections of what a woman thinks of the man. A fake compliment or continuous flattery is always apparent. It makes the woman appear fake and desperate for the man to like her.

Giving a genuine compliment to a man will have a positive effect on him and how he views you, regardless of your relationship status. Therefore, by complimenting him, you can raise his self-worth and he will then associate you with this good feeling.

A compliment has even more of a positive outcome if your compliment is specific.

  • "My friends think you are such a great guy because you always cook for me/are so loyal/are a gentleman/bring me flowers."

By complimenting a guy on his appeal as a stable mate, it makes him feel like the Casanova, the gentleman, the hero, the romantic. He feels admired and liked.

If a man holds a door open for you, offers a seat to you, or carries a heavy bag for you, thank him. Say something like "You’re so kind. Men like you are rare these days."

His appearance is another topic you can easily applaud. Guys are just as insecure about their looks as woman are, and they spend a lot of time trying to look better for women. Simple comments such as, "Your muscles are so big" or "You have such a sexy back" will make him feel amazing. The more you compliment, the more he will want to look good for you.

Another great way to boost his self-esteem is to compare him to a celebrity. The guy doesn't have to be the sexiest man in the world, but if he dresses well say, "You look great today! You remind me of Channing Tatum/Cristiano Ronaldo/Brad Pitt." It can be anyone deemed desirable. Just being compared to someone famous will boost his ego.

Some other compliments could include:

  • His funny side

Girls like men to have a sense of humor. When he makes you laugh, look at him and tell him, "No one makes me laugh like you do.

  • How strong he is

Ask him to open a tight jar or pick up something heavy. When he's finished, compliment him about his incredible superman strength, "How did you do that? You’re so strong!"

  • His dress sense

When he meets you looking handsome, even if it's in the jumper you bought him, compliment him about it. Guys don’t get too many compliments about the way they dress. His buddies don't tell him how hot his new jeans make him look. So, notice his appearance and he’ll never forget it.

Technique 5:

The 90 Day Rule

There's a term in dating called the 90-day rule. Basically, it’s where women are told to abstain for the first 90 days of seeing a man. Like a probation period for a new job, once the candidate proves their capabilities, only then will he be entitled to the benefits. As a woman, your body, sex, and affection are the benefits. They are the incentive for a candidate to work hard for the trial run. Give the benefits from the start, and the candidate suddenly doesn't have to work as hard. They are already set up with everything they need.

To a certain extent, I agree with this rule. It has a positive payoff, but there is one thing to consider: the 90-day rule is a strategic move, not a deadline. The purpose of the rule is to engage a man’s interest and to identify who he is and what his intentions are before getting intimate. It takes a man a few months to acquire any real feelings for a woman. Before you get physical, see if the man is giving you his quality time and attention because giving a man instant gratification will drastically lower your chances to be his dream girl.

It's in your best interest not to give it up too soon. Men will admit that they want instant gratification by having sex straight away. But the same men will also say if they want a relationship, they prefer to wait.

For many more techniques such as

To get you started on your relationship confidence journey, I am offering a mini guide with 5 communication hacks that allow you to communicate persuasively with men.

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