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Body Language Tips For Women

Body language also known as nonverbal communication creates a social language between men and women that are in many ways more important than the words we use to create an intimate connection. A man’s nonverbal radar is so powerful that just a slight movement is enough to stimulate a man with intense emotion.

Here are some subtle flirting techniques you can use today

1: The Hair Flip

How To Do It:

Usually, a hair flip will consist of a woman running her fingers through her hair with one hand and flicking it to one side to display the face better.

Why It Works:

This is one of the most obvious and most practiced attention-grabbing techniques used by women during flirtation and with good reason. It’s effective. We all know that men find it extremely sexy when women play with their hair (especially long hair), but why?

Is it because it makes us look feminine?

Yes, but there is more to it.

Apart from drawing attention to a woman’s face, in order to do this gesture, a woman has to lift up her arm which exposes the arm pit. This is where it gets interesting.

Every woman produces her own sexy scent known as pheromones. Pheromones are airborne chemical messengers released from the body that has a physical effect on the opposite gender of the same species. This aroma is released for a specific purpose, to attract a male by sending messages to the brain for a man to “find” a mate. We see this in wildlife all the time and pheromones are said to have been a lot stronger in primitive humans.

2: Touch Yourself

How to do it:

Touch your neck gently with your fingertips running your fingers down above your chest just at the start of your cleavage. Rub your thigh, tickle your stomach. Rub the outside of your opposite arm.

Why it Works:

Touching yourself not only draws his eyes to those areas of your body but a man subconsciously interprets that you would like to be touched that way by him. This is why men find it extremely sexy when a woman arouses herself. She is touching herself in a way she imagines a man to do it and men automatically view themselves as the man to do the job.

3: Touch Him

How to do it:

All it takes to grab a mans attention is an accidental touch that’s premeditated of course. Men go week when a woman touches his arm or leg while laughing at a joke or sympathizing with him.

Why it Works:

Men are programmed in such a way that a female touch triggers an attraction within them. The human sense of touch is so valuable because it overpowers all other senses. It makes us relax and view that person as trustworthy and welcoming. It creates an instant connection because someone else has infiltrated your personal bubble in a responsive and enjoyable way.

4: Luscious Lip Tease

How to do it:

Innocently lick your lips or brush your lips with your fingers while looking at him talk. When a woman pouts and draws attention to her lips either by wearing a bright lipstick or touching them it is a powerful influence for attraction.

Why it works:

Men always view a woman’s mouth in a sexual way. Whether it’s for kissing, the likeliness of the female’s outer genital lips or just the thought of where a woman’s lips could go on a man’s body, lips will always get a mans attention.

5: Playing with Objects

How to do it:

Use different objects while using your thumb and index finger to rub up and down that object.


  • Rubbing the stem of a wine glass up and down

  • Repetitively taking a ring off and putting it back on

  • Playing with long earrings

  • Rubbing a straw up and down while drinking from it

Why it works:

The view of you playing with objects in a sultry way will make him automatically think of you or rather think of what your hands and body can do.

6: Mirror

How to do it:

To make the connection better you can try a bit of proactive mirroring. If he leans forward, you might lean forward. If he takes a sip of his drink you do the same. If he touches his hair, you do the same. But don’t mirror every single body movement because things will turn from sexy to weird fast.

Why it works:

Mirroring body language is a way humans instinctively bond and create comfort-ability. It is powerful and sometimes out of our control, such as yawning and smiling. Mirroring body language is a non-verbal way to say ‘I am like you, I get you’ creating mutual trust and connection.

Remember everything in moderation. If you overdo it, you could bring things to grinding uncomfortable halt by coming across as desperate.

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