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Is another Woman After Your Man?

Hunting for a mate is a prehistoric instinct. Competition has always been fierce, but in modern society, there has been an increase in predatory women.

These are women who prey on other women’s men. Keep in mind not all women who fall for taken men do so maliciously. But there is a band of women that carry the label The Husband Huntress. These aren’t women who compete fairly. These are women who like to set themselves apart in their conquests.

The Husband Huntress doesn’t believe in a fair hunt. She trespasses on another woman's private property to purposefully steal her man. She does so deviously and dishonestly. And what’s worse is she feels that she has the right to go after what she wants. She doesn’t believe in the Girl Code or who she hurts in the process. She’s only got her eyes on her prey. This female poacher is sneaky and clever. She makes the man feel as if he is being pursued because of his charm or looks. But he isn’t really that special. What’s special is the female poacher’s approach to hunting.

Psychologically, these women are weak in the sense that they lack game. A Husband Huntress has never learned the correct knowledge or approach required to entice a man and capture his full devotion and commitment. She doesn’t know how to put the work into conditioning a man of her own, so she pursues committed men. To her, a taken man is more desirable because he has already been evaluated and deemed worthy by another woman. The Husband Huntress doesn’t need to find out whether he would be a good potential partner. She assumes this man is a good partner because another woman has already chosen him. The Husband Huntress goes after the man who has already been tamed, so to speak. If a woman has already trained him in the art of commitment, she won’t have to do the work she isn't capable of herself.

Huntresses tend to live in a permanent state of denial, though. They don't see the reason they go after married men is because they can't compete on their own. They don't recognize this flaw, so they use the hunt to distract themselves from the issue. They lie to themselves and hide in their promiscuity and the adrenaline rush of being in a forbidden relationship.

A Huntress will eventually realize that acquiring the love of a great man is difficult. She sees there are certain characteristics she must have and rules she must follow for a man to offer his devotion to only her.

She hasn't learned this valuable skill, however. So, she protects her ego by going after a man who can't devote himself 100% to her alone: the married man. That way when the relationship fails, it's not for her lack of game, but because of the situation.

Huntresses delude themselves. They say they have the skills needed to secure a man, but they don't. Sure, they may be able to attract a man, but they don't have the lasting skills to keep him as a Girl with Game does.The difference between the Huntress and the Girl with Game is distinct. A Girl with Game knows she provides something unique, while a Huntress doesn’t. Any girl can entice a man. But it takes true game to make him stay. A Girl with Game stands out from the Huntress who only attracts men with her sexuality.

The competition between a Huntress and the Main Woman isn’t an adequate portrayal of each woman’s power. The Huntress enters the relationship from a place of insecurity, while the Main Woman didn’t. The Huntress pursued the man, but the Main Woman was most likely pursued by the man. The Huntress must work to keep on the man’s radar and to keep him away from the Main Woman, while the Main Woman has most of his affection and devotion.

Even though the man may stray, his true feelings remain with the Main Woman. But when he is weak, like when he’s under relationship or work stresses, he will fall into the Huntress’s trap.

But the Huntress believes he falls into her trap because her hunting skills are superior. And when the Main Woman is more attractive, successful, intelligent, or ambitious than the Huntress, the Huntress coaxes herself into a false sense of superiority. She believes she won over the attention and affection of the husband.

A Husband Huntress feels powerful when a committed man strokes her ego. She believes that because the man's attention is on her instead of his Main Woman, she won. She believes she’s powerful by persuading a committed man to stray. But his attention is short-lived. And she only has a finite supply of sexual power to keep him swayed. He will usually stay with his Main Woman, and if he doesn’t, he usually ends his affair with the Huntress for a different woman.

An Insecure Woman’s Opinion Doesn’t Matter to a Confident Woman

You will most certainly encounter this poacher. The Husband Huntress wants attention, and she is usually adept at getting it, whether it's the man's attention or his woman's attention. Getting a man's attention is easy as it involves sex. But getting a woman's attention involves more. The Huntress is not only out to get your man, but she's out to get you in a bad, vulnerable position by injuring your self-esteem.

Huntresses are ultimately envious of women with game, and they will try anything to get one over you. A Huntress will call into question the way a woman treats her man and points out these "flaws" to other people.

“She’s so controlling,” a Husband Huntress will say about her prey’s Main Woman. “She doesn’t let him do anything. You can tell who wears the pants in that relationship.”

When women talk bad about a Girl with Game, it's coming from a place of uncertainty within their own relationships, attractiveness, charm or ability to make a man fall in love. I can guarantee you that women who say things like this are threatened by a woman's success or bitter about certain areas in her life. Whether it's her relationship, independence, desirability or magnetism, a Girl with Game will often be subject to these remarks from jealous women.

We all know that jealousy makes people nasty. And it may be tempting to return the insults if you are on the receiving end of these remarks. But you need to understand that as irritating as it might be, the opinions of this type of woman are insignificant. Rise above the pettiness of these women.

Girls with Game are not concerned with these remarks because we don’t operate in talk. We operate in action. We don’t have to come back with a clever quip or defend our behaviors because we know our worth and are confident in our being. We are proactive rather than reactive. We are feisty, but not catty. We are independent and don’t need validation from men, let alone women who are resentful that we are a cut above the average.

Girls with Game don’t let the opinions of insecure women sway our standards of our men and our relationships. Jealous women may talk, but Girls with Game know we don’t always have to listen.

Top Tactics the Husband Huntress Uses

The Husband Huntress will use an assortment of tactics to implement her strategy of seducing and conquering. These tactics range from degrading the partner (e.g., "You deserve someone who treats you like a king . . . I know I would") to flaunting assets that his partner lacks. If she gets to know your man, she discovers the areas you are lacking so she can portray them as her strong points, even if they aren't. Her tactics will vary and so will her motives. Some Huntresses want attention or sex. Some want commitment. Some just want to toy with a man or ruin a couple.

Whatever the motive and tactic, though, it would be naive to think they aren't successful. Huntresses keep using these tactics because they work, and sometimes it results in breaking up the relationship. Thankfully, since Huntresses do have tactics, we can learn how to spot them and not become one of their victims.

  • A Husband Huntress will be your friend and his shoulder to cry on.

She befriends you and gains your trust, so you feel comfortable with her being around. A seasoned Huntress knows that to get close to your man, you can't be suspicious. She also knows she has the upper hand if you confide in her, divulging personal information about your relationship. But she'll use it against you.

Tanya had been dating Eric for a while when she befriended Ellie, his work colleague. The three became close friends. Though Ellie was a bit flirty with Eric, it was friendly banter. Plus, Ellie was such a good listener. Tanya often complained to Ellie about their suffering sex life because Eric spent a lot of time at work. Ellie advised Tanya to tell him how she felt and not to stop until things changed. Tanya stayed on his case like Ellie suggested until he snapped one day.

“Why can’t you back off and see the bigger picture?” Eric shouted. “Ellie asked me on board to help secure new client contracts. You know, you never seem to support my ambitions. Ellie thinks of my career more than you do. She understands that I can actually make something of myself in this career.”

Tanya could not believe what she heard. That's when she realized that Ellie was using Eric's work to separate the two. She got them to argue about work and used the office to get closer to Eric. Tanya ended her friendship with Ellie, and thankfully Eric changed job roles before anything serious happened.

A Husband Huntress is so close to both of you that if you and your man have a fight, he may even call her for advice. She's kind to you but will encourage any complaint he has against you. She pounces when he has moments of vulnerability so she can be the one to comfort him. And because she's "such a good friend" to you, you may never see it coming.

  • A Husband Huntress is always complimenting him.

The Huntress knows the easiest way to draw in a man is by validating his ego. Men love to hear compliments. Yet when they are in relationships, their women seem to forget to give them compliments. But the Huntress knows this, and she will tell him what he wants to hear. It can be that he looks handsome in his new suit or that he cracked a great joke or he is very knowledgeable on a certain topic. Everyone wants to feel special and when she compliments your man every chance she gets, she's spoon-feeding his ego.

He will assume she finds him attractive and interesting and that she wants him. And this will make him want her back. Most men want to know that they've still got it, and Huntresses pick up on a man's insecurities. They become his personal motivator. This woman gives him attention and praise every chance she gets, and he admires her for it.

  • A Husband Huntress is on your man’s social media accounts.

Constantly liking his statuses, photos, and updates is a sign that she may be a bit too interested in his life. A Huntress usually spends a good deal of time Facebook stalking him or going through his old Instagram photos. She may even use a provocative profile pic and like anything concerning your man in the hopes he might notice her.

If your man spends a lot of time on social networking sites, see if this woman is on at the same time keeping him company. It may seem innocent at first, but take notice if their contact is frequent or flirtatious.

  • A Husband Huntress leaves your man messages late at night.

Whether she's an old friend or a new one, there is no good reason any woman should be texting or calling another woman's man late at night or in the early hours of the morning. The only reason a woman would do this is that she wants his attention. You can be certain she's a Husband Huntress if you discover she's in contact with him rather than if your man tells you she’s in contact with him. If he isn't being honest about what this girl is doing, he's clearly entertaining the idea.

Responding to these messages, no matter what time he responds, shows you he is doing it for a reason. But if he tells you about the messages or ignores them, it will show you that he isn't reciprocating her attention.

  • A Husband Huntress finds reasons to “need” your man.

The Husband Huntress knows how to play the damsel in distress and the only Prince Charming that can come to her rescue is your man. She is always a victim of something, whether it’s a flat tire or a bad set of directions, she needs someone to help her and that someone is your man.

This tactic is smart because she looks innocent (she can’t help it if she bought a new, heavy couch), but she also feeds his ego by allowing him to be the man to help her out (the strong guy who can lift furniture up six flights).

  • A Husband Huntress does everything for him.

She acts like his personal assistant. She’s always on standby should he need her. She makes him soup when he’s sick, offers to pick up his dog from the vet, and does everything that a girlfriend would do, though she claims she’s just his friend. What she’s really doing is trying to one-up you. It’s a subtle way of replacing you slowly.

She doesn’t have respect for boundaries. If she’s truly his friend, she wouldn’t be doing everything his girlfriend would be doing if he needed help.

  • A Husband Huntress will always find a reason to touch your man.

From trying to sit next to him to touching his forearm when getting his attention, a woman who is always putting her hands on your man can’t be trusted. A Husband Huntress will laugh louder when he tells a joke while slapping his hand playfully. She will hug him a little too tight and a little too long. She always seems up to something when she’s fixing his hair or touching his clothes. Touching him in these innocuous ways is her public way of displaying that she wants him.

  • A Husband Huntress befriends his friends and family.

There's a difference between an old friend who has always been close with the family and a new friend who suddenly seems to be in all the family photos. If she is starting to hang out with his sisters or take his mom shopping or show up to all the bars his friends are at, then she's up to no good. She's trying to insert herself into relationships reserved for significant others. She gets a thrill out of knowing that his friends and family like her. This makes her feel like she can easily take your man if she wants to. And not only take him but easily fit into his life already.

So, what can you do to fend off a Huntress? If you feel uncomfortable about the way a woman is behaving around your man? Contact Leandra for her unique and effective techniques as well as 1-2-1 coaching to ensure that a Huntress stands zero chance.

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