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What to Learn from a Bad Girl

1: She’s a flirt, so be a flirt.

A bad girl knows how to flirt. She does it in a fun and alluring way. She makes men feel good about themselves because she is great at complimenting them. Flirting often has a negative connotation attached to it. But the simple fact is flirting improves your relationships and your emotional health. Regardless if you are single or in a relationship, it is vital that you know how to flirt. Flirting is about discovering yourself and enjoying the moment while you interact with others. Being able to make a positive connection with others starts with you, so flirt regardless of gender or desirability. Even if you’ve been with your partner for 10 years, you should constantly flirt with them to keep the spark alive and boost confidence.

2: She’s feisty, so be feisty.

A bad girl knows how to be the right amount of feisty. She knows feisty girls are fun girls that are a challenge.

A feisty girl never tries too hard to make an impression, and that's what intrigues men. Her slight bitchiness is interpreted as confidence. Men view a feisty female as a woman who isn't worried about making a man happy. She's about making herself happy. She has the self-assurance to stand up for what she believes in, which turns him on. Sometimes "nice" means "boring." Feisty girls may be volatile, but that's why they remain interesting. She’s ambitious, independent, and not afraid to say what she wants.

3: She’s eye-catching, so be eye-catching.

A bad girl knows that the secret behind desirability and seduction is attraction. She puts effort and pride into her appearance because she knows people are looking. Women know that men are visual creatures, yet most women in stable relationships let themselves go and don't worry about how they look. Once you’re settled into a relationship, you should take even more pride in your appearance because you have more to lose. People get dumped all the time because they become complacent. They don't dress up, shave, work out or make any effort to improve their appearance. Good looks may not matter as much as personality, but they still matter.

4: She’s not a prude, so don’t be a prude.

Bad girls don’t shy away from sexual discussions. They are comfortable in their own skin and are sexually assertive. Men are open about what they want sexually because they don't feel judged by bad girls. Listen to what your man wants. If what he likes is within reason and won't affect your dignity or relationship, take time to consider his desires. Of course, it’s vital to keep the relationship interesting, but it’s imperative that you’re doing things for yourself. Don’t feel pressured into anything. You can compromise when being experimental. Being classy doesn't mean you are unadventurous.

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