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Why am I still single? The Answers...

You feel like a mature, attractive and confident why haven't you found Mr right then?

1. You don’t love yourself first

The ultimate accomplishment in life is to be able to accept, embrace, and love ourselves regardless of our past, our imperfections, or our current circumstances. As women, we revel in the idea of men loving us, but in the process, we forget to love ourselves. A logical way to understand how to love yourself is by asking "What should I DO right here, right now to love myself?" instead of asking yourself "How can I FEEL love for myself?"

- Every action has a reaction.

Whatever it is that gets you motivated and makes you feel good, embrace it and make time for it as often as possible. Maybe you like to do crafts or exercise or have a massage or dance or sing along to music. When you are feeling down, focus on doing something straight away that makes you feel motivated, confident, content, and provides a deep sense of self-worth. Your attitude and emotions will reflect your actions.

- Appreciate who you are and what you want.

Put yourself first. Stick to your values and beliefs. Don't be willing to compromise if it doesn't make you happy. Self-respect comes from accepting what you're doing and acknowledging that it’s right for YOU. Don't apologize for your passions or interests if others don't agree with it.

- Be present and mindful of your choices.

To progress you need to ask yourself several times throughout the day, "Does this thought or choice benefit me? How does it benefit me?" The more conscious you are of the negative inner dialogue and the thoughtless decisions you make that damage your self-love, the more you will begin to completely change your outlook and your life.

- Stop wasting time on regret.

Regret is wasted time because the reality is we can't go back and change our decisions. All you can do is think about and focus on the best aspect of your decision in this current period of your life. When you realize that every decision has a positive lesson to serve you in the future, you’ll release all the regrets you’ve bottled up. Everything in life has contrast. Every bad thing has a good thing. Without the bad, how can we distinguish what the good is, like happiness, love, empowerment and confidence? Loving ourselves isn't a one-time occurrence. It's an ongoing process. Connecting to yourself by self-affection and appreciation will result in better connections with others over time. Only then will you be able to create loving relationships.

2. You fear change

Wanting a partner is not enough. To push out of your comfort zone, you should expand your dating skills. Women often find they are not reaching their desired outcome, not because of their attractiveness or personality, but because they don't have the right approach or knowledge to help them get there. They sit back and hope for the best. They wish for Prince Charming to just fall into their laps. And when he doesn't, they become frustrated and lose confidence. Dating can be scary. Getting out of your comfort zone can make you feel vulnerable, but that is what is necessary for you to succeed. Whether that is joining an online dating service, changing up your image, being open to getting help through a dating coach, or striking up a conversation with a man that normally isn't your type. Try different strategies if the one you are currently using isn't working.

3. You feel unmotivated

One of the most challenging parts of dating is staying persistent and motivated. This is what determines if a woman is successful in finding her match or not. The motivation to find Mr. Right needs to run deep. It shouldn't be from desperation but from the hunger to succeed. Keep your focus on the goal. You may not believe it now, but the dull men you meet and the terrible experiences you have while finding a good man will pay off in the end. They will make you wiser, more patient, and more able to love and appreciate the right man. Picture yourself becoming a Girl with Game who is powerful and influential. Once you believe in yourself, you will find the strength to work on yourself and be open to love.

4. You have desire sorrow

Desire sorrow is having a desire for a partner, but not maintaining the attitude of it. This is when you let the reality of what you are currently going through (not having a man) control your attitude, so you are not staying up to speed with your desire.

By constantly talking, thinking, and worrying about NOT having a meaningful relationship, you are directing all your focus and energy on the wrong thing. This is when you can’t stop feeling sorry for yourself. This type of response is not going to get you the results you want. Instead, have the attitude of "I am currently attracting Mr. Right." By doing so, you will feel better, act better, and look better.

Focus on how you would feel if you obtained your desires. Take that feeling and embrace it. Your actions will then correspond to your wishes. Focus less on what you lack and feel more anticipation for what you will obtain. When your attitude aligns with your desire to find a great man, success follows.

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