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How to get an ex Back Using the Law of Attraction

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You Get What You Think About

Before you start implementing strategies to entice your ex, you have to get back to basics. That means focussing on your mindset. There is a good chance you have heard of The Law of Attraction (LOA). But what exactly is it and how can it help you in getting your ex to realize what he's lost? In simple terms, LOA is described as manifestations created through your thoughts and that you are the creator of your life. That every strong thought you focus on can manifest if it is given enough attention.

But how?

Thoughts = Feelings Feelings = Behavior Behavior = Outcome

Your thoughts will determine EVERYTHING!

Your body reacts to every thought you think. Whether you're experiencing a traumatic situation, remembering one, or creating a mental story of what could happen in the future. Your body doesn't know the difference. You will experience the same physical, mental, and emotional tension, whether or not it is actually happening at this moment. If you want him to realize what he has lost, but you are thinking about the rejection from the breakup, your feelings won't correspond with your desire. This is because you are focussed on what you don't want instead of focusing on what you do want.

Your behavior reflects your feelings

The feelings associated with breakup thoughts are sadness, anger, disappointment, and fear. When you experience those feelings, your behavior will reflect it. Without consciously knowing it, you will carry yourself in an insecure, desperate, and clingy way. Talking, thinking, and worrying about NOT being with him will direct your focus and energy on the wrong things. You are experiencing desire in sorrow. You have a desire for him to come to his senses and crawl back, but you’re not maintaining the attitude of it. This is when you let the reality of what you are currently going through (the breakup) control your attitude. So, you are not staying up to speed with your desire.

It is during this period where the fix-it or force-it instincts take over. This type of response is not going to get you the results you want. Everything around you, including people and events, responds to the energy and message you are sending out.

How can the Law of Attraction be used as a powerful tool to pull him in again?

Instead of thinking negatively or on a negative outcome, have an attitude of success. By doing so, you will feel better, act better, and send out the right signal to your ex. Focus on how you would feel and behave if he came to his senses and begged for your forgiveness. Take that feeling and embrace it. If you were able to influence him into realizing what he lost, you would feel powerful. You would think. "I AM a woman of high value." I AM confident in my worth and desirability. I AM a catch, and he realizes this".

Your actions will then correspond to your wishes. Your "not succeeding" is only because you are releasing a message that is different from the message of succeeding. You cannot feel insecure and also succeed. Victory cannot find you unless you offer a signal of being victorious. Focus less on what you lack and feel more anticipation for what you lack and feel more anticipation for what you will get. When your attitude matches with your desire, success follows. You can't control the thoughts or actions of others, but you can influence those around you. You are more able to do this if you are aligned with the highest version of yourself. When he communicates with you again, you must think, feel, and carry yourself with confidence. You must think of yourself as entirely irreplaceable.

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