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Soul vs. Ego

We all have two voices in our head, competing for attention. One voice encourages us, and the other discourages us. Where one lifts us up, the other attempts to rip us down.

So how do we distinguish between the good voice vs. the bad voice?

The Ego

Our negative voice is ego lead. It consists of cynical self-talk, fears, and insecurities that keep us stuck in the past. This voice is not for you; it is against you. It wants to keep you small, miserable, and unhappy. It is a liar, a fake, and an impostor. It is not YOUR voice. Instead, it is the fraudulent image that has been molded through your disconnection to who you really are. It is a mask, a costume, a veil of deceit.

Your Soul

The voice of your soul comes from your higher self. It is much softer and subtle. This voice is an echo of our true self, the best version of who we are, and our gut instinct. If we listen carefully in moments of need and reflection, it will direct us —and it will be right every time. It is the voice that says “take action; you can do it.” It is the voice that encourages you to learn, grow, and believe in yourself; it is the voice of confidence, strength, and determination. It is the voice that transforms your life from mediocre to amazing. It is the voice that motivates you to make a change and to put yourself first.

Recognize Your Ego

When you are being led by your ego;

  • Your self-esteem is influenced by others

  • The same pessimistic thoughts and memories are on loop in your mind

  • You shrink and become submissive in order for people to like you

  • You believe everyone is against you and that you have bad luck

  • You feel intense negative emotions ( Stress, fear, sadness, anger disappointment)

  • Your inner dialogue is focused on self-blame, self-pity or self-criticism

  • (Affection/attention/recognition or praise)

  • You create negative narratives or visions in your mind about things that have not happened

  • You are too focussed on materialistic things and feel the need to “show off”

  • You are oversensitive and get hurt easily because you associate the actions or decisions of others to your value

Recognize Your Soul

When your higher being is in control your intuition guides you;

  • You feel an extraordinary burst of happiness

  • You feel inspired/ motivated and excited

  • You begin to feel more aware of the laws of the Universe

  • -You feel more gratitude and appreciation

  • You accept and love yourself unconditionally

  • You do not feed into negativity/drama or chaos

  • You have a burning desire to improve, evolve and transform into a better version of yourself

  • Your happiness becomes a priority

  • You associate yourself with like-minded positive people

  • You take action and move towards achieving your goals

  • You release resisting thoughts, people or memories that do not make you feel connected to your higher self

  • You feel in alignment and begin attracting incredible people, opportunities and experiences

  • You feel a real appreciation for nature and your overall gratitude increases

  • You feel liberated, fearless, and empowered to go after your dreams and build a beautiful life

Both voices exist, but only you decide which one you pay attention to. You are the one who chooses to take action. Establishing a relationship with your higher being is easier than you could ever imagine. All you have to do is shift the focus onto yourself and your happiness.

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Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

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