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30 Effective Relationship Tips

Although I have countless tips and strategies, here are 30 essential and easy relationship tips that can instantly have a positive effect on your relationship today!


1. Let him be the initiator. Take a seat and let him miss the intimacy

2. Keep your emotions in check. No crying, anger, or sadness. When you're in control of your feelings, It will shock him.

3. Stop putting all your energy into the relationship. Follow your interests and dreams, make time for yourself, and prioritize your happiness above all else. When you come first, you won't overcompensate on the attention, love, and affection you give him.

4. When he compliments you, say "thank you" and smile instead of looking down and shaking your head. Even if you don't believe him. Fake it until you feel it, or he will stop noticing things to compliment about you.

5. Stop declaring your loyalty and love to him all the time. When you're pumping up his ego about where he stands in the relationship, he doesn't have time to boost yours.

6. Speak with your actions, not with your words. If he disrespects you or takes you for granted in any way, your best tactic is to pull back a little with no explanation as to why you are doing it. ( Not sulky just more distant )

7. It is your opinion about yourself that a man will believe. Make sure you are not putting yourself down in front of him.

8. Show him that you are not afraid to be without him. If he threatens to leave, never cry, plead, or beg. Say, "There is the door."

9. Never compete with other women. If you do, you will demean yourself and make a woman who is a two look like a ten.

10. When he treats you poorly, don't have sex with him that night. You do not reward bad behavior.

11. No more nagging: When you nag, he ignores you anyway. But when you speak with your behavior, he pays attention.

12. Try to calmly tell him what he does to upset you and spin it into a positive request.

Example: Instead of "You never take your plate to the kitchen," say, "It would help me a lot if you could take your plate to the kitchen. That way I wouldn't have to walk up and down to collect dirty dishes when I'm washing up."

When you ask a man for his help and give a reason why you need his help, he will be more likely to do what you want.

13. You will become what you believe you can become. Think of yourself in the highest possible way.

14. Know when to approach him, don't try to talk when it is late at night, he's busy or on his way out.

15. When you pay attention to positive thoughts, your potential for attracting positivity increases.

16. Men don't like the high-pitched, girly voice we use for gossip with girlfriends. Think more sensual, sexy, and soft. Use suggestive sounds, like hums or a simple mmm, in conversation to subconsciously draw him in. Don't make it obvious, but drop it into your chats like, "Mmm, I love chocolate" or "Ummm, let me think about that."

17. You are the only one who has enough power to truly change yourself.

18. Focusing on past disappointment will attract more disappointment.

19. Gently trace your fingertips on his arm or even his leg for a few seconds. When you hug, pull him close and wrap your arms around his neck.

20. If the spark in the relationship weakens, instead of demanding his attention, focus on yourself and your life, which draws him close to you again.

21. Always give the impression that your man loves you more. Even if you are head over heels in love with him, never let him know that.

22. Give a man his space to be his own person.

23. A Girl with Game is a rare woman. Practice absence and scarcity to increase your value.

24. Know your value, don't disregard your beliefs and standards to make a man happy.

25. Research the top 3 best smelling shampoos, shower gel or body wash, body cream, body spray, and perfume. Create your signature scent. Try to avoid fragrances with a sweet fruity smell and go for musky, vanilla aromas.

26. Never underestimate the power of a well-placed compliment, whether it's about his intellect, physical appearance, status, or the way he treats you.

27. Don't always be available (in person or on the phone) for him.

28. Explain in a specific way how he is different (and superior!) to other men in aspects of ambition, romance, kindness, and loyalty.

29. A Girl with Game will always try to look her best no matter the circumstances, not just for her man, but for her self-esteem.

30. Start off the conversation by asking him how honest he is. Simply getting him to say he is honest leads him to be more truthful later in the talk.

What do you think? What's your favorite tip? Let me know!

To get you started on your relationship confidence journey, I am offering a mini guide with 5 communication hacks that allow you to communicate persuasively with men

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