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Will my Ex Forget About me During no Contact?

First, let me start by answering your question: No, your ex will not forget about you.

Your ex broke up with you because he took you for granted and, therefore, dismissed you. What I mean by that is he forgot why he fell for you. He forgot about your value, failed to remember that he felt lucky to have you, and overlooked your incredible characteristics. He forgot how much he desired you; he forgot that you were not always his.

The breakup happened because his desire for you decreased, and the predictability of the relationship blinded him from your initial appeal. Your concern should not be about him forgetting you but instead getting him to remember why he fell for you in the first place. To treasure, cherish, and adore you, to remind him that you are a dreamgirl.

However, your ex's desire for you depends on many factors. Here are a few to consider.

1: You Slipped Up

In a moment of weakness, you might have "accidentally" on purpose bumped into your ex? Perhaps you texted him a happy birthday message or spoke to a mutual friend about him. If you think a little contact, is harmless, you are mistaken. All of these small actions destroy your chances of getting back with an ex because you are not allowing him to miss your presence in his life. This means he has no incentive to be the one making contact.

It is when you are not there that your ex feels the separation anxiety about you not being in his life. If you contact him, you interrupt his intense feeling of missing you.

Every time you contact him, you send the message that you are somewhat available. If your ex believes that, then it makes it easier for him to move on and date other people. He will not experience the real consequences of the breakup because he thinks that you will be a backup plan waiting to take him back if his single life without you doesn't work out. It is crucial that regardless of whether you slipped up or not from this point onwards, you do not contact your ex at all!

2: There is Someone Else in the Picture

Here is the reality, if he is dating another woman technically, she would be a substitute for you and the attention you provided. If you cannot provide your ex with the correct mental stimulation, his desire for you will weaken. In order for him to regret his decision, you have to be the challenge, the prize, the woman of value. So the saying "Out of sight, out of mind" would be accurate here. However, if he is not yet dating another woman and doesn't have a substitute for you, the longer his need to receive attention has been neglected, the more his desire for you strengthens. The fitting sentiment here would be "Absence makes the heart grow fonder".

3: You're Too Visible After the Breakup

An ex will always want to know what you are up to. It doesn't matter if he ended things. It's human nature for men to be curious about how a woman has moved on after the breakup. This is precisely why keeping a low profile is so important. An ex who can see where you are (and what you're doing) and your 100 selfies of you won't feel your absence from his life. He will know you're not going anywhere, seeing anyone new, or doing anything that would prevent him from getting you back if he changed his mind. You want him to wonder if you're out having fun, not be sure of it. You want him to notice your weight loss, not see it posted every week on Facebook. You have to provide just enough to get his interest but not enough to lose it.

In my observation, an ex will tend to contact you when you least expect it. Some men take longer than others to take action, but your behavior will delay or speed up the process.

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