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3 Ways To Catch Him In A Lie and Find out if he's Lying

Have you ever wondered if your man is telling the truth? Have you asked yourself, "Is he lying to me?" There are secret giveaway signs that your partner isn't being honest with you and there are also strategies you can use to determine if he's being honest or not. Let's first explore what we have been taught about the simple body language behaviors that liars are more prone to do, including: ● He wraps his ankle around the leg of a chair while sitting. ● He suddenly puts his hands in his pockets. ● He shrugs one or both shoulders. ● He rubs or scratches his nose, touches face or mouth.

● He turns his head or body away when you ask him questions. ● He starts the sentence with "You won't believe this, but…” ● He repeats your question before answering to give him time to think. ● He looks you in the eyes because he thinks a liar wouldn’t be able to. ● He gets defensive quickly. But these body language identifiers can be tricky. We all have our quirks. A friend of mine always repeats a question she is asked. Is she forever lying? Probably not. She may just need a few seconds to gather her thoughts. Your man might be the same with his little habit of shrugging his shoulders. And sometimes our noses may just itch. The point is, body language may not be the most credible evidence of deceit. There is no guaranteed form of lie detection, but using strategy, intelligence, and persuasion improves your odds of finding out the truth. Women are challenged daily to determine whether the men in our lives are telling the absolute truth, telling a white lie or blatantly lying. This is why you need your own lie detection skills. Being able to tell if a man you are with is being dishonest, unfaithful or shady can save you embarrassment, heartbreak, and time. If you suspect a lie, the aim is to have a casual conversation rather than a forceful interrogation. The liar will give themselves away by contradicting their story and sprinkling inconsistencies in their response. With simple tricks, you can persuade your partner to be truthful. 3 Simple Ways to Tell if he's Lying Trick 1: Start off the conversation by asking him how honest he is. Simply getting him to say he is honest leads him to be more truthful later in the talk. Men want to put their best face forward, and no one likes to be wrong. So, if he has said he is an honest person, he tries to prove himself right. This trick assists him in being cooperative with you. Trick 2: Ask him questions back to front. When telling a lie from back to front, a liar finds it difficult to keep the details straight. The reverse chronological order will make him muddle up his story. Example: He says he was late coming home from work because his car broke down and someone stopped to help him. Ask questions from end to beginning: what did the person do to fix it, who was the person that helped, when and where did the car break down, and what time did he leave work? A liar can only tell his story from beginning to end. Reversing the question order will make him flustered and contradict himself if he’s lying. Trick 3: Ask questions that are emotion-based. The liar knows how to lie about the situation, but not the emotions attached. Liars will sound mechanical or unconvincing in the response. But an honest person will throw emotion into their answers voluntarily. Example: "How did you feel when your car broke down?" A liar will say, “I felt angry, I guess.” But an honest person will say, “I’m so pissed off! That stupid car always breaks down on me.” These are simple tricks, but be warned! If you abuse these tricks and use them on your man too often, he will catch on and learn how to get around your strategy. Use these tricks only when you need to catch him in a serious lie. Remember, we all tell small, inconsequential lies every day. A white lie can be harmless, but the bigger lies may be very dangerous to your relationship. If he has lies about something important you have to punish your man for hurting you.

xxx Leandra

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