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You Will Face 3 Relationship Blocks

A block is something rooted in fear, which will ultimately prevent you from experiencing true happiness. When you carry yourself from a place of fear or insecurity, you are blocking the possibility of a good relationship, whereas, when you radiate confidence and self-love, you are making room for respect, love, and admiration.

While there is a lot that we don't have control of in life, we do have power over how we respond, react, and perceive our relationships with men.

You are a part of the Girl's Got Game community because you want to experience the best relationship. Not only with a man but with yourself too.

Today, I wanted to talk about the 3 biggest blocks you will face when it comes to being in a great relationship.

This will save you a ton of energy and uncertainty when it comes to getting the relationship you want in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

1: Desire sorrow

The first block women tend to experience is desire sorrow. Desire sorrow is having a desire for a fantastic partner, but not maintaining the attitude of it.

You will face this block when you let the reality of what you are currently going through (not having a man or being in a toxic place in your relationship) control your attitude, so you are not staying up to speed with your desire.

By constantly talking, thinking, and worrying about NOT having a meaningful relationship, you are directing all your focus and energy on the wrong thing. This type of response is not going to get you the results you want.

The fastest way to get around this block is to focus on how you would feel if you obtain your desires. Take that feeling and embrace it. Your actions will then correspond to your wishes. Focus less on what you lack and feel more anticipation for what you will receive. When your attitude aligns with your desire to find a great man, success follows.

Remove your desire blocks with our Law of Attraction workbook journal which will focus on shifting your thought process into positive power.

2: Trying to be wifey material

The media has brainwashed women into thinking we must be everything to men. According to society, we must look like an airbrushed model, have sex like porn stars, cook a four-course meal like a chef, and still pick up a man's dirty socks.

Women spend too much time trying to sell the idea of being the perfect woman. We jump through hoops, sacrifice, and forgive. We showcase what we can offer a man because we want security and certainty. We try to be the perfect woman out of fear that we will no longer be wanted or, worse, replaced. This is transparent to men, and if allowed, they will use it to their advantage.

Women think that when a man is looked after, he's happy. We have been taught to believe that men will value us if we go the extra mile. The problem is that it has the opposite effect. When a woman submits to her man's every need, he feels too comfortable in the relationship, and she turns from a desirable woman to his mommy. He gets bored and loses interest in her because there is no mental challenge, instead, there is just comfortability.

A Girl with Game keeps her cool and always puts herself first. A man respects her because she makes herself happy first. She believes in her worth and doesn't have to prove how amazing she is!

3: Waiting for something to happen

Most of us think of those who are in great relationships as being "lucky" as though a good relationship was something that happened to them or that was delivered to them.

I have heard it so many times, "You are lucky, what you have is rare." What you and Johnathan have is the exception, not the rule."

Do you know what my response to that is? Nonsense.

Women fail to realize that a passionate relationship is based on excitement, respect, attraction, attentiveness, and good communication. Here's the kicker... you can positively influence all those areas in your favor.

If we as women spend our time, energy, and money on hair, beauty, and clothes, why do we not invest in ourselves? Attraction only accumulates to about 10% of how we look anyway; the rest comes down to our character.

As a female race, we are single or unhappy in our relationships because we are not investing in what matters. We have been brainwashed to believe that in order to attract and keep a man - our image is what matters. It is a lie, deception, and distortion of what we can do to have the relationship we truly desire.

What REALLY matters is our personal development. Our inner confidence. In our knowledge about men and how to communicate with them. That's what will provide us with the type of love we crave filled with excitement, respect, attraction, attentiveness, and good communication.

Why are we so hesitant? WE have the power to impact our happiness NOW. It is in our hands. Women don't have to wait for Mr. Right to fall into their laps.

I have gone through the same journey that you are on, and trust me when I tell you that these blockers will prevent you from happiness if you allow them too.

Attracting an amazing man and a passionate relationship is a decision. It's deliberate. It's taking action even if it is just a small baby step. It's choosing and committing to do something that will improve your situation. It's based on your power. You have the tools, it's your choice what you do with them. You have a choice. This is about YOU. xxx Leandra

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