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Are You Interesting Or Boring?

When a woman doesn’t feel valued in a relationship, she sometimes stops voicing her opinions and begins bending over backwards to gain a man’s attention and approval. Instead of being the interesting, independent woman her man originally fell in love with, she instead jumps through hoops in the hopes of making her man fall in love with her again. But being “NICE” isn’t what keeps a man on his toes. Being unpredictable is. This is what sets Girl's with Game apart from other women. Girl’s with Game are not needy and the men in their lives know that they can function perfectly well on their own. In fact, they thrive on their own. This is extremely sexy because the man then knows that the woman in his life WANT’S to be with him she doesn’t NEED to be with him. So how do you become different and exciting to him? Be your own hero When you show that you are not fearful about losing a man he becomes afraid to lose you. If you are constantly looking towards him for emotional and financial support you are making it clear that you don’t consider yourself as his equal. Instead, you need his reassurance and help. You want to be an asset in his life NOT a liability. Men like to provide but you must be able to provide these things for yourself. You should not depend on a man for anything. NEVER do the “pick me dance” Girl’s with Game don't compete against any other woman. There is no need to try and convince a man of her worth. If he doesn’t value her worth someone else will. Even if she has to fake this attitude until she really feels it. Girl's with Game are in a class of their own. They are not considered an option. If a man tries to put them in this situation they gracefully remove themselves. When you do this something strange happens you suddenly become a priority. Don’t take crap from anybody Learn to be assertive and respectfully stand up for yourself. Powerful women are confrontational but not argumentative. Don’t let anyone get in your head and make you feel a certain way about yourself. Only you have the ability to allow someone else to control your self-worth. Be in control of your emotions Men handle you with more care when you are unpredictable. If he can’t figure out what you are feeling or thinking it keeps him on his toes. The second he doesn’t see emotion, insecurity, jealousy, or any other transparent behaviors he's used to, you become different and exciting. When you are a blank page he can't read you which will make him want to try harder. Now you are in a different category. You are the woman who is “different” than all the rest.

All my love Leandra xxx

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