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3 Ways Men Test Their Women

Whoever said that men are simple and don't like mind games was definitely a man, and guess what? He was lying.

Men will test you, manipulate you, and watch with excitement as you lose your cool. The mind games that women find so annoying thrill a man.

If you're wondering what mind games consist of, they come in the form of pushing a woman's buttons to see how much control he has. Men test the willpower, resolve, flexibility, and, most importantly, the strength of a woman because how she reacts will determine if the man dominates the relationship. This is especially true when a man comes back from a breakup.

Men have an internal battle with themselves. They THINK they want a submissive woman, but when a man has one, he grows bored, so he tests a woman with the secret hope to be proven that she is still a challenge. It is the chase of power that men enjoy more than actually achieving power.

Pushes your Button 1: He Might Act Like A Jerk

The groundwork for the testing process is to figure out what your trigger buttons are and if they are the same as before the breakup. He might make a comment about your outfit or joke about the size of your feet. He might tease you about how terrible your cooking skills are or will tell a sexist joke in your presence. Sometimes he will say and do things just to upset you because he likes seeing you angry.

Without you realizing it, your reaction is hugely revealing to him. Will you play along? Laugh it off? Perhaps you will get emotional? Men are used to banter, and it is the way they communicate with each other.

How to Handle him Pushing your Button 1

A girl with Game is cool, calm, and collected with a COMEBACK. Teasing you is his way of treating you like a partner because this is the way men, who are friends, communicate with each other.

What this means is that you should not be afraid to stand up for yourself using humor. No man wants a YES woman with no backbone. He wants to be kept on his toes, and he wants to be mentally stimulated. When you surprise him with a feisty response, he thinks, “Oh, she’s cheeky, she’s got fire,” and what man doesn’t like their flame ignited? Men watch how you carry yourself. Is she a pushover or a warrior? Should I still worry that I could lose her?

Example: Him: I really don’t like your outfit.

You: Well, it’s a good thing you're not the one wearing it.

Pushes your Button 2: He Tries to Make You Jealous

Men know that women are extremely competitive with other women when it comes to gaining their man’s attention. Men always want to have the upper hand in relationships, so when you get upset, it reassures him that you still care A LOT.

In his eyes, your reaction says you feel he is special. He is testing to see how you are going to respond to his disrespectful behavior. Are you going to become emotional, insecure, and upset? Or are you going to show your value and worth through your confidence?

If he’s staring at another woman, being flirty with a waitress, or being descriptive about a female colleague, he’s doing it because he knows you will pick up on it. He’s testing you on purpose if there was anything to be jealous about; he would not be so quick to advertise it.

How to Handle him Pushing your Button 2

A Girl with Game doesn't wear her jealousy on her sleeve, and she never points out her jealousy. She knows if she were to point it out and make a scene, she would appear insecure. Not only would she appear to lack self-confidence, but her jealousy will ultimately reinforce his negative behavior.

A Girl with Game will not compete with other women for attention. She holds her head up high. If she reacts to her insecurity, the other woman will appear more attractive to her man. He will find this woman suddenly appealing because his partner seems threatened by something about this woman. If she has a jealous reaction, it may provoke her man to push her buttons in the future by looking at more girls.

He will then start to think, “Why is she not getting jealous anymore? I need to put in more effort; it looks like she might be losing interest in me".

Example: If she sees a pretty girl approaching, she looks away. If there's no audience for his reaction, he may not even put on a show. If he flirts with one of her friends to push her buttons, she retaliates by merely doing the same with one of his friends or making eye contact, when an attractive man walks past.

Pushes your Button 3: He Challenges Your Power

At the beginning of a relationship, a woman will enter as an individual with dreams, friends, and interests of her own. This excites and attracts a man, but along the way, to gain the upper hand, a man might challenge the exact things he admired about her independence. He might start asking her to change her plans for him or become upset when she spends time with friends. Suddenly her schedule will be an issue, so to make him happy, she unconsciously becomes a sacrificial love victim. She’s so concerned about making him happy so that he stays with her that she ends up giving her power away. This then becomes the actual cause of him losing interest again because he has her right where he wants her. You can’t keep a man on his toes if you’re under his thumb.

Example - You haven’t seen your friend in months. But thankfully, she’s coming back into town on Saturday, so you’ve planned to catch up on all her adventures over drinks. Your partner usually plays a football match on Saturdays and catches a beer with the guys after. He has his plans, and you have yours. But then, on Saturday morning, he announces the game’s been canceled. He wants to take you out. The problem is that he wants to go at the same time you are meeting with your friend for drinks. Do you reschedule your plans?

Most women will admit that they would reschedule their plans for a man. Females are accustomed to making their partners happy. We have no doubts revolving our time around a man’s schedule. But, do you think your man would do the same if the tables were reversed and he wanted to catch up with his buddy? Sorry, but the answer is no. Why? Because men continue to remain independent even when in a relationship. They don’t give up their friends, interests, and hobbies for a woman.

How to Handle him Pushing your Button 3

Men enjoy being in the position of making their partner change their plans for him, but this strokes his ego for all the wrong reasons. He doesn't interpret your sacrificial choice as love, loyalty, and commitment. Instead, he loses respect, and you are no longer a challenge. Now his ego is inflated; he feels in control and superior. Suddenly he starts seeing you as submissive, clingy, needy, and predictable. So how do you maintain your power in a relationship?

Well, a considerable amount of your position in the relationship is based on your reactions to his actions. In general, if someone wants you to jump and you automatically say, "How high?" then your reactions are determining that their position is above yours. A Girl with Game intrigues men because she isn't trying to please him, but rather allows room for him to join her side-by-side. When she puts herself first and her world doesn’t revolve around a man, she remains a challenge. He will want to become a part of her life, join in on her hobbies, and take part in things she enjoys to learn more about her. She doesn't let him disturb the balance of her life, and he finds this extremely sexy. xxx Leandra

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