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Ghosting - His Manipulation Tactic 6

Ghosting. The Casper Effect. The Disappearing Act.

Call it any name you like. There's nothing worse than developing strong feelings for a guy only to have them go MIA on you.

Vanishing without an explanation is considered the ultimate coward's way out, so why do they do it?

Throughout my encounters and coaching experience, I have discovered the three main reasons why men ghost.

1: His pursuer instinct is dormant

2: He seduced you

3: You aren't the only one

1: His Pursuer Instinct is Dormant

Men are driven. They enjoy the chase and love the challenge because they have been the predators and hunters throughout history.

Although men no longer need to hunt for survival, modern males firmly maintain their ancestral hunter instincts.

We haven't evolved that much, and a big part of our biology is still linked to our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

This is why men thrive on the sense of accomplishment that comes with conquering a challenge. When it comes to pursuing a mate, men are at their most competitive.


Because securing a mate is a challenging competition driven by biology.

So how do we capitalize on the thrill of the chase? Men simply want to be treated like men. This means they want to be the aggressor, the one who leads. An easy catch is not challenging to him.

Girls with Game Tip: Mentally stimulate him by making him work for your time, body, and attention.

2: He Seduced you

Sadly, many men out there use women, whether financially, sexually, or emotionally. If a man didn't have genuine intentions, he would always fear the risks that follow after a successful seduction has taken place.

  • The risk of him losing his upper hand

  • The risk of you wanting real commitment

  • The risk of you becoming clingy

  • The risk of him losing his freedom

  • The risk of hurting you further

  • The risk of developing strong feelings for you

It's easier for him to be indirect than confrontational. This way, he doesn't have to explain his reasons for exiting.

A quick and sudden exit means he's still in control. The relationship and its terms are still his to dictate.

You see, creating absence and creating pain keeps you hooked on him. Even if he isn't physically around, he knows you are still under his spell.

Girls with Game Tip: Stop wearing your heart on your sleeve. Your job, especially for the first three months, is to be a blank page. He should get the impression you like him, but you are still not 100% sure about him.

3: You Aren't the Only one

It's a hard pill to swallow, but it's no secret that men like keeping their options open.

Dating apps have men feeling like they are paging through a catalog of women, so it is possible that he might have been seeing you while also seeing someone else.

In his mind, if he never actually says it's over, it leaves the door open if it doesn't work out with someone else, it will be easier to reconnect with you even months later.

Girls with Game Tip: Don't assume you are his girlfriend just because he calls you, spends time with you, or wants to be intimate with you.

Unless he officially tells you (without you asking) that you are his girlfriend and there is no one else, assume that there is always someone else he is speaking to.



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