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How to keep a man on his toes and interested in only you

Men have always had the upper hand in dating and relationships. Their mixed signals, gaslighting, and love bombing are constantly leaving women in a state of confusion.

This directly impacts our self-confidence and the way that we communicate and carry ourselves. When we are insecure tt makes us predictable and easy to manipulate.

The moment a man feels that he knows what to expect from you, your "spell" on him is broken. When a man feels in control, it means you have surrendered yourself to him, and you are conquered.

So the only way to maintain the upper hand when you love a man is to create suspense, a calculated pull.

1: Be Mysterious

Men are almost always in control, but they crave the mystery because they value the unknown. If they didn't, there would not be such a thing as an explorer. It is in their nature to seek out and conquer.

They are instinctual problem solvers, and a mysterious woman tests a man's mental agility because he has to figure her out.

When a woman is reserved, she provides the man with the exhilarating task of trying to decipher her level of interest in him.

Girls with Game are like a puzzle. If he isn't able to figure her out, she becomes fascinating

Understanding this is the key to drawing a man into your web of love and desire.

2: Switch things up

Your goal is to always act in a way that leaves him wondering. Thrill him with a sudden change in your direction.

What is she up to? What does she feel for me?

Doing something he does not expect from you will give him a satisfying sense of excitement—he will not be able to anticipate what comes next.

You are always one step ahead, so he will have no choice but to chase you.

This could be anything from the way you dress to your communication or availability.

Your ability to continue to surprise your man will keep him coming back for more, deepening your magnetism and blotting out any other woman who tries to gain his attention.

In relationships, there needs to be uncertainty and suspense, a feeling that, with you, nothing is predictable.

3: Be different

The woman who leaves a man's mind spinning with 100 questions is a woman who isn't afraid to challenge him or his point of view.

Never be afraid to stand up for yourself or make yourself a priority because if you are not easily submissive, you will automatically provide a man with an adrenaline-charged hunt. When you are not controllable, are opinionated, and don't submit to his every rule you mentally stimulate him.

As long as you have emotional control and carry yourself in a composed and respectful manner, never be afraid to stir up his emotions.

4: Create Confined drama

As women, we already create drama, so focus your energy on something you will both enjoy.

Reveal something new about your character, something contradictory to what he believes.

If he thinks you are shy- be bold; if he thinks you are a prude, surprise him with something really naughty. If you are normally emotional, display emotional control. There are many ways you can be calculated in your surprises and provide some drama he will actually enjoy.



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