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How to reignite the spark in your relationship in 30 days

How to reignite the spark in your relationship in 30 days

Is your relationship in a rut? 

Do you miss the early days when everything felt fresh and exciting?

You're not alone, and the good news is, you can bring back that spark. 

Try to view the transformation of your relationship like your monthly project

Week 1: Rediscover Your Worth

  • Emphasize Self-Value: Remind yourself of your unique qualities. This self-appreciation can rejuvenate your appeal to your partner.

  •  Create Intrigue: Be slightly unpredictable. Small surprises can reignite your partner's interest and recall the excitement of the relationship's early stages.

Example: Start a new fitness routine or revisit an old hobby that you love. This showcases your independence and passions, reminding your partner of the dynamic individual they fell for. For the surprise element, plan an unexpected date night doing something your partner loves but hasn't done in a while.

Week 2: Build Irresistible Vibes

  •  Balance Strength with Vulnerability: Show confidence, but also allow your partner to provide care and support.

  •  Tease and Touch: Light, playful teasing and casual touches can intensify physical and emotional connections.

  •  Maintain Mystery: Withholding minor details about your daily life can foster curiosity and attraction Example: During a conversation, lightly touch your partner's arm for emphasis on a point, followed by a playful joke or tease about something they enjoy. To maintain mystery, when asked about your day, share just enough to pique interest but leave some details for later, creating a sense of curiosity.

  • Week 3: Set Boundaries: Saying 'no' occasionally demonstrates self-respect, enhancing your attractiveness.

  •  Understand and Hint at Desires: Discover your partner’s aspirations and subtly suggest that you are key to achieving them.

  •  Personal Growth: Pursuing personal interests or self-improvement reflects positively on the relationship.

Example: If your partner suggests something you’re not comfortable with, confidently say no and suggest an alternative. For understanding dreams, ask about their ideal vacation or career aspiration, and later, share a related article or book, subtly indicating that you support and understand their dreams

Week 4: Seal the Deal

  •  Challenge Your Partner: Don’t always acquiesce easily. A little challenge can make your affection seem more valuable.

  •  Balance Closeness and Space: Managing the dynamics of intimacy and independence can create a compelling attraction.

  •  Celebrate Progress: Acknowledge and enjoy the improvements in your partner's behavior and the relationship's dynamics.

Example: If your partner asks you to do something you usually agree to, consider saying no occasionally, suggesting they try it themselves or offer an alternative. For balancing closeness, plan a night where you each do your own thing – you might read a book while they watch their favorite show, highlighting the value of personal space in the relationship. Celebrate progress by acknowledging how much more attentive your partner has been, maybe through a heartfelt thank you note or a small celebratory gesture

At the end of 30 days, you'll notice how much has changed. Your relationship will feel more alive, just like in the early days. 

Remember, this isn't about playing games; it's about understanding what makes love and attraction last. Keep things real, and let the sparks fly. 

For many more inspirational strategies check out our Relationship repair bundle which gives you all the tools you need in one place.



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