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Is It Better To Block Or Ignore my Ex?

It's healthy and strategic to create distance between yourself and an ex after a breakup, which is why you might have already started implementing the no-contact period. But now you might be left with the difficult decision; To block or not to block your ex.

You are torn; a part of you wants to be done entirely with him, and the other part of you wants to leave the door open.

Here is the good news; you don't need to make that decision right now. You are in the perfect position to gain the upper hand in your breakup situation regardless of your ultimate goal, and I'm here to guide you through this messy phase.

1: Display your Strength

You have embarked on your journey to regain your dignity, and that means showing your ex that there are parts of you he is yet to see. He thinks he knows you and can predict your every move but staying in control of your emotions proves that he is no longer in control.

When he sees that you are online and resisting the urge to reach out to him, it sends the message loud and clear that he no longer has power over your emotional state or your actions. He knows that this must be difficult for you, but yes, you can resist him.

2: Pass his Tests

Your ex will put you through a series of tests to determine your interest level in him. He might post some questionable pictures, comment on an attractive woman's profile, or be online constantly to make you think he is talking to another woman. All of this is to determine whether or not your transformation is real and who the prize really is.

If you block him when he triggers you, he knows he wins. But if you can resist his digs and do not become reactive, he is suddenly no longer in charge.

3: Be Irreplaceable

The old version of yourself would not be able to stay silent and ignore his antagonization, but you are now a Girl with Game. You are the one with the upper hand. You are a part of the tribe of women who truly know their worth and are able to demonstrate their desirability and power.

You are showing him that you are a high valued woman who deserves admiration. You are commanding his respect; you are not demanding it. Your silence is deafening to him because it's reminding him that you are, in fact, a catch and that HE was lucky to have you.

4: He Will Become More Invested

Once your ex sees that you are indifferent towards him, he will crave your attention and affection. Your lack of interest will bruise his ego. He wanted you to act bitter and childish and lose emotional control by blocking him because it confirms that you are the problem. It justifies his disrespect and disregard towards you.

"You see, shes' crazy and immature; she sends me tons of messages then blocks and unblocks me." Instead, you want him to say,

"No, I've not heard from her, she has been online though.. I expected to hear from her by now."

Knowing that you are choosing not to be in contact with him is a lot more powerful than learning that you are forcing yourself not to be in touch with him by blocking him.

5: It Demonstrates your Newfound Confidence

You are facing your fears and issues head-on, which shows him the new independent version of yourself. You are now self-reliant and no longer needy, insecure, or weak. You are living your life and not hiding from him, this breakup, or the power he used to have over you. You are thriving instead of surviving and doing perfectly fine without him.

He will perceive your "block" as an emotional reaction out of spite and a manipulation tactic to make him panic. It will only make you look emotionally unstable, annoy him, and stroke his ego in the process.

You make him disappear in the virtual world but not real life. The heartbreak won't vanish, so blocking him will only compound and reinforce not dealing with the breakup.

You are only running away… until you bump into him at the gym or unblock him and send 100 messages at once.

Admittedly, the blocking tool can be used for good to combat online abuse, stalking, or an ex who could be perceived as a threat, in which case, hit that block button, baby.

But if you are wanting to make an ex realize what he lost, in my professional opinion, ignore instead of block.

You are a Girl with a Game; you are powerful; you've got this.



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