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Law of Attraction to Find Love

When we have a desire like a relationship or true love, it can be hard to consider that it is on its way because we as humans always need evidence to believe. We still need to see the physical manifestation of something to acknowledge it's realness.

This human flaw is interesting because we can be happy, excited, and hopeful in receiving what we want even if we don't yet have it. It's as though we experience the feelings we would have if it were already ours. The problem is as soon as we focus externally on someone else already having the desire that we want, we automatically go back to feeling the lack of it in our lives. Our thoughts become negative, which causes us to disconnect and move away from what we want to attract.

When you study the Law of Attraction, it is evident that to manifest our desires; there HAS to be some level of faith—having the confidence and trust that it is yours even if you can't see it with your eyes or hear it with your ears.

Think of it this way being without "him" has caused you to want "him," and being with the wrong men has caused you to become super clear about the type of love you want. In other words, you have created this magnificent man and relationship that your soul knows to be real even if you have not yet experienced it. You know this because when you think of this relationship, you are in total alignment with happiness, fulfillment, passion, and love. So this relationship already exists on an energy level, and what are we if we are not energy? The very atoms of our physical bodies are made of energy. We are powerful.

So don't worry about when he's coming and instead get focused on other things that make you feel good, and before you know it, you'll become a magnet attracting incredible people, relationships, and opportunities to you. Being aligned to all the feelings you would feel if you obtained that desire opens you up to receive it quicker because you are a match to it.

Trust that the timing of this extraordinary relationship and man is perfect. You need to come into alignment with who you are, and he needs to be in alignment with who he is. When you are both connected to the best versions of yourselves individually, the bond of the relationship will be magical.

So your number one goal is to feel good NOW and align yourself with your powerful "Girl with Game" and that incredible relationship you are longing for will emerge. It is being drawn to you as you read this. You are meant to be reading this which is why you are.

When you pay attention to positive thoughts, your potential for attracting positivity increases. Like attracts like and therefore you turn yourself into a magnet. This is why I put together 30 of my favorite LOA strategies and prompts to help you align with your desires and change the course of your life.

You are the creator of your reality...this is YOUR story... YOUR journey. Life doesn't have to happen to you; it can happen with you and for you.

If you want to unlock the code of receiving click HERE to start manifesting the things you want with the Law of Attraction workbook journal!

All my love




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