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Mixed Signals - His Manipulation Tactic 5

Men are all about the competition.

Not only do they want to pursue a challenge, but they embody one—we as women are always trying to understand them and their intentions.

"Is he into me?"

"Is he cheating on me?"

"Why did he dump me?"

"Is he bored of me?"

"Is he using me?'

The list can go on and on.

Why are we always intrigued by the bad boy or the emotionally unavailable man?

Because they provide us with a hint of complexity, and it makes us want to figure them out.

Men use mixed signals and the power of ambiguity to confuse us and keep us interested in them.

While hot and cold behavior is one of the oldest dating strategies for men, it is also one of the most effective.

It is a classic seduction strategy.

They push us away, and then they pull us in.

Men have realized that giving us mixed signals can drive us to abandon all of our control, emotional and physical.

It leaves us feeling captivated by them, which means we are vulnerable to their manipulation and temptation.

You see, the more confused he makes you, the more time you spend thinking about him, and the more you think about him, the more invested you become in him.

By habit, when men send us mixed signals, we become obsessed with trying to convince the man to want us by trying to fix or force the relationship, but this never works out.

The drama of the chase and the feeling of rejection affect our self-esteem as women.

We are not wired to handle rejection.

It does not excite us as it does with men, and instead, it debilitates us.

Unattainable men become an obsession for us because we attach our value to the attention we receive from them.

There is simply no better method for handling mixed signals than counterattacking by provoking anxiety and annoyance in the man you are interested in by manufacturing the need for you in his life.

If you focus on becoming a "Girl with Game," you flip the uncertainty back onto a man, and he will start to wonder how you feel about him and how to win you over.

Having the upper hand doesn't mean controlling or manipulating men; it just means understanding our power of influence as women.



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