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Newly Single Men: What Are They Really Up To?

He's gorgeous, funny, sweet, successful, has a stomach as ripped as Superman’s, and an ass that would put any Calvin Klein model to shame.

You’ve had your eye on him for ages and guess what? He's broken up with his girlfriend of two years. This is your chance!

You will approach him straight away, start dating, fall in love while traveling the world, get married, and settle down to have beautiful babies.

Woah, wait a minute, girl!

Instead of running to him, what you should be doing is running away. Like fast. Run from this man like zombies, vampires, werewolves, and every horror movie villain is chasing you. Because this man is a scary creature, a wild breed of your worst nightmares. He is more dangerous than any cheater or player you have ever dated. And because of that, he should be avoided at all costs.

We are all familiar with life as a brand-new single. That sick feeling in our stomachs as we consume tubs of ice cream and bottles of wine while crying over romantic movies. We grieve the death of the relationship as we think back to all the special moments. We reminisce memories we will miss, both good and bad because the bad doesn’t seem as terrible anymore. We hibernate in our dark rooms in our pajamas for days on end.

But just because that’s how women take being newly single, don’t think men do the same. The Newly Single Man reacts in a (well, how do I put it nicely) very different way.

Newly single men are wild, bitter, ruthless, and dangerous.

When a serious relationship ends for a man, he portrays himself as content to the outside world. Within two weeks of the breakup, the Newly Single Man is socializing. He’s dressed impeccably and sporting a new haircut. He’s already turning heads everywhere he goes. He’s going to the gym, eating healthy, and has been promoted!

But while you’re thinking he’s already moved on and better than ever, the reality is he's a mess. His life now is one big question mark. There’s an hourglass hole in his life shaped like his ex-girlfriend, and he's trying to figure out how to fill it.

He invested all his time, effort, loyalty, and emotion on this girl and now she's no longer there.

Regardless if he was the dumper or the dumpee, he is dealing with a lot of feelings and fears that need to be sorted before he can move on. He is now spending his time with his single friends or two-timing men who don’t respect women or feelings. These men will give him terrible relationship advice, then use his rebound sex as a drinking topic.

If you decide to sleep with him, you will only be a rebound. You’ll only be a rebound because he won’t allow himself to get emotionally close to you. With what just happened, the last thing he wants is commitment.

His vocabulary will consist of flings and sex. Every day is an exciting opportunity for him into the unknown. But he is unpredictable and careless as he’s only living life at the moment. He’s wasted so much time in the previous relationship that he can’t be your Mr. Right. At least not for now.

Newly single men will seem mysterious and attractive. Their auras scream bad boy. But the reality is they're not bad; they're just hurting.

Do not be their rebound, their stepping stone, or their memory eraser. A Girl with Game is worth more, and if you respect him, you'll give him a chance to heal first.

If you believe there's a chance for you to be a couple, let him get the singleness out of his system.

Allow him to mourn the end of the relationship and find out who he is. Give him the time to get over her, be single for a few months and then make your move only when both of you are fully ready.

Leandra xxx

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