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Peacocking - His Manipulation Tactic 3

What is peacocking? Just like male peacocks showcase their colorful feathers to draw in a mate, men use peacocking as a manipulation tactic.

All men display peacocking behavior, whether they realize it or not. Peacocking is something men do to stand out from other men.

Whether it be by dressing flashy, boasting about their achievements, or announcing that they are the "nice guys", men try to showcase their strong points to be the best.

Men do it intentionally, but sometimes it is a subconscious move.

Peacocking isn't necessarily a bad thing unless the man isn't authentic.

We love it when a man is a gentleman, but if the guy's trying way too hard to be seen as chivalrous or charming, be careful that he's not got a hidden agenda.

Self-proclaimed "nice guys" usually are peacocking and he could be very different behind closed doors.

A man who claims to be a "good guy" often thinks that just because he offers his seat and compliments a woman, he's entitled to sleep with her or receive her affection.

A "nice guy" usually isn't that nice, but he will use his "innocent" appeal to get whatever he wants.

The reality is, these polite men can be great manipulators.

They know that playing the gentleman's card can convince a woman to overlook disrespect. Watch closely at a man's behavior, and don't let a man guilt you for not wanting to date him or sleep with him.

Men love saying "women like bad boys", they say this to discount other reasons women might reject them.

Accusing women of refusing them just because they're not a heartless womanizer is a convenient way for them not to consider their own character flaws or game with women.

It is easy to blame a woman for not seeing their "brilliance" instead of admitting they lack it in the first place. Something to think about... XXX


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