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The Breakup was Bad; Can I Still Get him Back?

So the breakup has happened, but you have reached a point where you are sick of waiting to see how things will develop; you want to know if your ex will come back even though the relationship ended with a messy breakup.

Getting back together with an ex is something you should think about in detail. It isn't always easy repairing a damaged relationship. Some relationships should end, but some are worth another go. When a connection is worth a second chance, it can be necessary to fight for it intelligently, and getting back with your ex should be a thoroughly thought-out decision. This choice is not one that you should make without deep consideration.

Since the breakup, it might seem like nothing in your world has felt the same, and that's because it isn't. You are different, and you are being forced to evolve, change and rebrand yourself.

So if you feel like this relationship is worth another shot, then yes, you can get your ex back, but you have to be willing to get yourself back first.

Here are the strategies you need to increase the chances of your ex coming back even after a bad breakup.

Strategy 1: Use the Surrender Tactic

If he was the one who broke up with you, naturally, you are in a weaker position. He is in the acceptance phase and made a decision.

Don't fight for the sake of fighting by trying to fix or force the situation. Instead, choose to surrender by respecting his decision to break up. Surrendering gives you time to regroup and recover. It also creates space for your ex to move through the breakup ladder ( Read more ) while you shift in a position of power. Don't give him the satisfaction of fighting and defeating you- surrender first and use it as a strategy to position yourself in the right place.

Strategy 2: Let Reason take Over Emotion

If you irrationally tackle the breakup, you will sabotage the opportunity to get him back. However, if you handle it intelligently, you will harness your power as a Girl with Game.

First, you need to think about why you feel this relationship is worth another shot and do you really want him back? ( Read More )

Why is it important that your ex comes back?

What is at stake if he doesn't?

What is driving you to want to be with him?

Is he really worth it?

Has he broken any of your deal-breakers and non-negotiables like cheating, was abusive, or had addictions?

You must consider everything by asking yourself some tough questions. If you want things to work, have a legitimate reason why. If your reasons come from a place of loneliness or insecurity, you will be wasting your time and energy.

Strategy 3: Increase your Value Through Scarcity The no contact rule ( Read more ) utilizes absence to increase your value.

The more you are seen and heard from, the more common you appear. You are easy to read, predictable and replaceable. But when you withdraw, you become unattainable and suddenly seem to deserve his respect and attention.

When you flood an ex with your attention and presence, you make him disdain it.

In the old days, women were always putting their potential suitors through trials of love and making them seek out their affection. The men loved it and admired the women more for it.

It was much easier for them to appear mysterious without social media and technology, but that doesn't mean we, as modern women, also can not create intrigue through absence.

4: Make him Come to you

So as mentioned above, we know about the power no contact. The period where you ignore your ex with the intent of making him feel the absence of you in his life

Well, what's interesting is, yes, it gives you the opportunity to help make an ex crave you. But what's more important is that it forces him to act, which puts you in a position of control.

It's always better to influence a man to come to you, abandoning his own plans and concerns in the process. If you can lure an ex back, you hold all the cards.

The bolder you are by reaching out, the quicker your appeal will diminish, and he will use your vulnerability against you.

Don't exhaust yourself trying to get him back. Use your energy intelligently, strategically. The aggressor in breakup situations is rarely the one who has the upper hand.

5: Rebrand Yourself

Do not accept the role this breakup has forced you to conform to in your mind. You are not weak, unworthy, rejected, or undesirable.

On the contrary, this is your rebirth - the time to re-create yourself by forging a new identity.

This is a new you - A Girl with Game.

It's time to reclaim your dignity.

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