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The REAL Secret to Make a man Want you.

When I was about 8 or 9 years old, I remember my first crush on a boy, let's call him Jake. I remember one specific day that led to my desire to understand a man’s intellect.

It happened to be Jake's birthday. His dad bought him a miniature model car. But this wasn't a toy like all his other toy cars. Jake's present was an expensive, miniature red Ferrari model car. It even had a little replica engine in it.

"Son," Jake's father said sternly, "This car is one of a kind. It's special. Priceless."

Of course, we were a bit young to understand how expensive it was. But Jake knew how rare it was for toy cars to have an opening hood that revealed a detailed engine. This wasn’t a toy to Jake; in his eyes, this was the real deal. This was the car of all cars!

Every little boy at the party wanted to open the doors, inspect the interior, check out the engine, or rub the glossy, red paint. But Jake held the car closely to his chest, all at once protective and proud of his gift.

In front of all the boys and girls, he polished it and packed it back in the box. He then placed it on a shelf for safekeeping.

I'm sure he opened other presents after. But nothing was held in such high esteem as that car. Jake seemed superior to the other boys. He was, after all, the only one lucky enough to have such a prized possession.

Every boy there wished they had a special car. It wasn't the same with their boring toy cars, even if they could swap them out with the other boys' cars and scratch or ding them up as they played. The gang of little boys looked up in awe at the rare car, and I too felt my gaze settle on it. Except I wasn't thinking the same thing that those boys were. I was starting to understand how the mind of boys (and later men) work.

Somehow, I understood a great metaphor thanks to Jake's untouchable model car.

Girls are like cars.

The treasured ones are like Ferraris with special engines, and they are placed high on a shelf.

It wasn't just the glossy, red paint that made Jake's Ferrari special really. It was the custom interior and that perfectly detailed miniature engine.

If a woman wants a man to place her on a pedestal, there must be something special about her, not just on the outside, but on the inside.

It's not our beauty that captivates men but rather our special engines. As a female race, we need to recognize that our sensuality is derived from our character and intelligence. Our presence and the way we carry ourselves are what men find irresistible, intriguing, and attractive.

We are like cars we can either choose to be a beater car or a Ferrari.

When an object is perceived as rare, it has more value and is treated with respect. It is cherished and can only be gently handled by "worthy" people, those that understand its value.

So, it makes sense that a common item has less value and is treated likewise.

Many people can handle the object both often and without great care. They can damage and dirty it with little regard. After all, even if it's not worthless, it is completely replaceable.

This is not an opinion; it’s a fact about all things of worth. All things, including you.

You are Ferrari beautiful, so have the drive like one.



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