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What His Breakup Method Means

There's isn’t a “nice” way to break up with someone – but there are certainly proper and mature ways of going about it. A man’s breakup style is a revealing indication of who he really is as a person. The Houdini Ghosting. The Casper Effect. The Disappearing Act. Call it any name you like, vanishing without an explanation is considered the ultimate coward’s way out. It's easier to be indirect than confrontational and providing an explanation of his reasons for exiting the partnership. If he has become a Houdini there is good chance that the relationship wasn’t serious in his eyes from the get-go. There is also a good chance you were his side chick whether you knew it or not. This guy is irresponsible, disrespectful towards women, and is incredibly selfish. The message sender If your ex suddenly changed his Facebook relationship status to single or sent a friend to deliver the news to you of the breakup, it means he's weak, rude, and not worthy of your time. Being broken up with by social humiliation proves that the person you were dating is childish and really isn’t ready for a relationship. He doesn’t care about you, your feelings, or your need for closure. The Puppet Master Instead of formally breaking up he constantly changes his mind and is forever giving you mixed signals. You are not entirely sure you have even been dumped because your “breakup conversation” was filled with hopeful statements of your future together and how much you mean to him. This breakup method means one of two things:

1: He really does love you but is torn between his feelings and his wants.

2: He wants to be single, but also wants to keep you on his string.

The only way to truly distinguish what he truly wants is how he conducts himself after the breakup conversation. If he goes weeks without making contact and then contacts you because he wants or needs something (especially sex). It's likely he is toying with you and your emotions. This man is using you and it's time you cut the strings. Mr. Lazy Technology is designed to make situations more convenient. Sure, we might opt for online banking instead of trying to understand a bank representative with a distinct accent or ordering food online instead of getting dressed and driving to pick the food up ourselves. But we utilize these services merely because they're more convenient from the screen of our phone. Breaking up with someone over text is just that for the person doing it, convenient!

Text / Email

If he was able to just remove you from his life, with the tap of an iPhone screen, then it only becomes obvious how much of a coward he was and how selfish he is. You are worth more than that! His lack of empathy and maturity should really make you consider the person he is and how much he really cares about the feelings of others.

Phone call

Breaking up with a phone call is only acceptable depending on specific circumstances. Long-distance or extreme illness should be the only reasons his breakup would be acceptable if done over the phone. Otherwise NO it is never ok. This again proves that he doesn’t respect you or the relationship enough to end it like a man. Mr. Sabotage He suddenly starts pushing you away, being extremely unkind and disrespectful, or even went as far as to cheat on you. All for the purpose of challenging you to leave so that his conscience can feel free again. This approach is used by the profoundly manipulative man. He wanted the relationship to end but couldn’t handle the guilt of the breakup being his decision so he forced you to make that decision for him. Mr. Noble It takes a real gentleman to sit down 1-2-1 with a woman and respect her enough to break up with her to her face. By doing this his actions prove that he is a responsible person and that he did indeed love you and still cares about you. His integrity and caring nature can be the exact reason why you want him in your life, some time apart will still be required if you do want to get him back.

Face to face is the honorable way to end things but there are still exceptions

Were you dumped after the deed?

Although he might have broken up with you face to face, there is nothing honorable about a man who breaks up with a woman shortly after being intimate with her. This type of man views women as objects to be used at his disposal. He is a bully who kicked you down when you were most vulnerable. This man is a total waste of your time. Thank your lucky stars you are not with him anymore.

Dumped on a special occasion

Being dumped on a special occasion is not as rare as you might think because special occasions could actually prompt breakups to happen. Valentine’s day, anniversaries, and birthdays all come with the pressure of being a great boyfriend and he might want to be free of the responsibility. Regardless of his reasons, it is the ultimate slap in the face. This is all about him and his needs, this cruel and heartless move is only to make himself feel in control.

When a man shows you who he truly is, believe him, because actions speak louder than words.

You are worth so much more!

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