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When Will my ex Start to Miss me?

You might wonder when an ex will finally regret hurting you and when he will realize what he's lost.

The most challenging part about a breakup is moving on without another person. How do you live your day-to-day life now that this person has removed themselves? How do you function?

Sometimes it even feels hard to breathe.

The reality is that the person who was dumped always feels the absence of the relationship more intensely, but that doesn't mean that your ex won't miss you.

In fact, feeling the absence of you in his life might hit him harder. It just takes a little longer and some effort on your part to be unpredictable.

Here are some factors that will influence when he will start to really miss you.

1: The Length of your Relationship

The more time that you spend with someone, the more memories, conversations, and moments you share. If the relationship was a short one, it would reduce the intensity of how much a man will initially miss you. That doesn't mean that he won't think about you or reminisce about your shared moments. It only means that there is slightly less for him to brood about which draws out the process of feeling the absence of you in his life.

2: His Schedule

In the beginning stages of a breakup, men feel "free," and during this time, they will make sure to occupy their days with activities. Going out, socializing, and "doing him" are his focus right now.

You can always find a distraction if you look for one, and at the moment, thats precisely what he's doing so that he doesn't have to think about you. At first, it will give him some relief, but eventually, the way for him to forget about you will ultimately become the source of him missing you. When he's out speaking to a woman, he finds it boring. When he sees a loving couple embrace he misses your affection. When he notices something that reminds him of you it hurts. When he wishes he could tell you good news, it frustrates him. His distractions will always lead back to you.

3: His Ego

Some men are incredibly stubborn and will refuse to be the one that reaches out first during the no-contact period. You see, in their minds, they feel "entitled." These are generally the Alpha wannabes that believe they are the ones in charge of everything and everyone. He will expect you to do all the work and chase, especially if he finds it easy to manipulate you. He will hold out as long as he can until he realizes that you are no longer predictable. There are strategies that can help speed up the process.

4: His Perception of you

Does he respect you? Have you been revolving your life around him? If you have put him on a pedestal and made him feel irreplaceable, it will take longer for him to see your worth. Right now, HE feels like the prize. He feels like he has the upper hand because you value him. He feels like he rules if you have begged, chased, and cried over him. His ego is inflated, and it might take him a while to realize he's not as special as he thought he was. Your silence will indirectly tell him that he's not better than you and that you too, are special. However, it might take some time for that realization to sink in.

5: His Fear

Is he scared of losing you, or have you provided him with too much reassurance? Are you waiting, forgiving, and supporting his actions even though he has hurt you? If so, he might interpret that as though you are not going anywhere. If there is no fear of losing you, there is no reason to work for you.

Remove any comfort, reassurance, or support you are giving him. He shouldn't be sure about your feelings towards him, and he definatley shouldn't be confident about you taking him back.

Familiarity breeds contempt, and your ex is in a comfortable position because he thinks he knows you. But you are reading this, which means you are a Girl with Game now. You have a secret weapon - knowledge, and with that comes power.

You have to become a woman with new standards that he has to rise up to meet. You are no longer settling for being an option.

If you are his girlfriend, then you are his priority, and if he isn't willing to see your worth and put effort into keeping you, make it known through your actions that you will not stay and settle for scraps.

Keeping calm and quiet will give you leverage to wield more power of influence in this breakup situation.

Talking right now will get you nowhere.

When you tell a man who might be manipulating you what you observe, he will immediately try to convince you otherwise. He will say, "You're insecure" or "You're creating drama."

Stay silent and make your moves quietly.

Are you really that insecure, weak, clingy woman he said you are?

Oh no, no, no, lovely! You are a high valued woman who is on the path to reclaiming your dignity. You are now relaxed, secure, and happy regardless of whether he is in your life or not.

When you use strategy instead of emotion, you show him with your actions that you are a prize, and to men, the only language that matters is action.

Get a Game Plan in place and let your actions speak so loud it's all he hears.



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