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Why Men Don't men Like PDA?

When it's just the two of you, he is as affectionate as can be. But as soon as you are in public, and especially with his friends, he acts distant.

It's like he's allergic to public displays of affection.

I experienced this with one of my ex-boyfriends, let's call him *Tom.

By nature, I am super affectionate. I am all about kisses and cuddles and being lovable in public is no different to me but *Tom was just not having it.

I didn't get it, when no one was around he couldn't stop kissing and touching me but yet when we were in public especially with his friends, I would be totally dismissed. I would reach for a kiss and it would feel so awkward, I would hold his hand and after a few seconds, he would subtly pull away. At times it really made me feel like he was embarrassed about me or something and it annoyed the crap out of me.

I mentioned it to him and asked why he didn't like PDA, he shrugged and said "No one wants to see me kissing and touching you all the time."

"All the time! "I said, "I will be lucky to get a high five from you in public.

"Tom turned to me and said, "Well everyone knows I'm already into you like I have never been with another girl, I don't want to confirm it."

Here is what that brief relationship and *Tom taught me about men...

Guys are instinctively programmed to be tough. Men want to be the big, bad Alpha males. Constantly kissing and cuddling his girlfriend in front of other males decreases his macho credibility.

It's not manly to call you Pooky Bear and give you Eskimo kisses. It makes him appear weak. And if he does do it, be sure that he will be ridiculed and labeled pussy-whipped as soon as you leave the room.

Don’t take it personally. All he wants to do is look strong.

When you constantly sit on his lap, hug him from behind, and kiss him all over his face in front of his friends, you can look clingy and insecure.

Not only that, but you make him look weak and make him feel smothered. Give him some space and let him take the lead in public. When he feels the time is right, he will throw his arm around you and pull you close.



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