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Why Men Lose Respect For You

You might be going through a breakup or feeling like the relationship between yourself, and your man is strained. It's frustrating, exhausting, and makes you feel neglected. His arrogance is getting worse, and keeping yourself composed is getting harder.

As much as you try, you just can't figure out why he's being this way, and there is a voice inside of you saying, "enough is enough."

Here is the truth I have learned about the dynamics of a male-female relationship.

Men love women they respect.

- He doesn't cherish a woman because he sleeps with her

- He doesn't commit because a woman sticks by him

- He doesn't devote himself to a woman because she is beautiful

The simple fact of the matter is that men fall head over heels for women they respect.

If he thinks you are beautiful with a lovely big heart and he doesn't respect you, he will not be loyal to you.

If he respects you, he will move mountains for you, and that is something we have seen evidence of in the past with seductresses who were admired.

So how do you make men respect you?

Well, first, you have to be worthy of respect as a woman; there's no hack. You have to learn what it means to carry yourself like a Girl with Game in your relationship. Secondly, you cannot allow blatant disrespect.

So if your man is entertaining other women, coming home crazy hours in the morning, and cheating on you, and you tolerate that, then you're setting a precedent. This means he will think, "well, why would I respect this woman in the first place if she doesn't respect herself?"

The more you allow, accept and forgive, the harder it will be for you to secure his loyalty and love because you place his happiness as a priority over yours, which gets more dangerous for you as time goes on.

Though difficult, it is possible to restore respect, but conversations, words, and tears are going to have zero effect on him. You have to SHOW him what your boundaries are by the way you carry yourself when disrespect happens.

When you completley change your demeanor towards him, your behavior is saying, " If you want to be serious with me, you're not going to talk to those girls. If you want to talk to those girls, then your not going to have access to me."

You say this with your actions, not your words.

If you use words to get your message across, all he will see is an ultimatum or threat, but if you show him... Oh, darling, now thats effective; thats going to make him sweat and regret pushing you to your limit.

If after you have pulled back and carried yourself as a high-value woman and he still chooses to give other women attention, then that means he has chosen attention over you, which means sooner or later he was going to cheat or dump you anyway.

The issue is that most women are scared to alter the routine and challenge themselves to behave more assertively and confidently. Don't be that woman; show him that you are only committed to men who you take seriously and who are not desperate for attention from other women.

You are not forcing, begging, or pleading; instead, you are making it clear that it's his choice - He either man's up, or you move on.


You need to understand your boundaries and expectations as a highly valued woman, and you have to set them, and if he doesn't respect you enough, he has to realize that you're going to have to find somebody else.

He has to know that you are REALLY prepared to walk away; if he thinks that you will tolerate disrespect and that no matter what he does, you will stick by him, then you have no leverage.

If you're never prepared to walk away, you're never going to be respected, which means he will never truly love you.

It's normal to be fearful and avoid pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, but you can't keep doing the same thing and hoping for a different result.

It might just be time for you to gain your dignity back.




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