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Will my ex Boyfriend Regret Breaking up with me

When I was recovering from my breakup, I couldn't understand why my ex at the time could be so cold and move on. He was going out with friends having fun, and spending time with other women.

It was as though he was basking in sunny weather, cheery, happy, and glowing while I constantly had a rain cloud over my head and a storm brewing in my heart. I was so furious, dark, and gloomy with silent chaos erupting inside of me. One day, I realized that feeling sorry for myself or being in a negative state was only hurting me; he didn't worry about how I felt. This irritated me but it also motivated me to be proactive and get my dignity back. I stopped asking "why me?" out of despondence and instead changed the nature of the question. I asked it out of curiosity instead? Yes, "why me?" Why is he doing this? Why have I been rejected? Why isn't he regretting breaking up with me?

This catalyst moment made me realize that I wasn't some "special case" all men react to breakups in a similar way and if that was true, there must be a reason and a solution. There must be a way I could get my game back. This took me on a path that has now turned into my company, "This Girl's Got Game," as well as being happily married to the man that was my ex.

Here is what I found - a guy’s immediate reaction to a breakup is to “move on". Men rarely show genuine remorse, guilt, or sadness. Instead, they might act like they don't care, and here is the truth... they possibly don’t, but that doesn’t mean a males bravado persona will last forever. You CAN positively influence or speed up the process of regret and the chances of your ex feeling dumpers remorse will be higher if you follow a strategy and have a Game Plan. The only way a man will regret breaking up, especially if he did the dumping is if; 1: He feels the absence of you in his life 2: You reignite the mental challenge 3: He views you as irreplaceable Step One: Let him feel the absence of you in his life. Firstly, you cannot force your ex to want to be with you or be a compatible partner. You can, however, give the person the space to feel your absence so they can decide what to do about it. The great thing about creating space is that it allows your ex to view you and your relationship with fresh eyes, not by the tainted image that caused the breakup. Time and mystery are great at diluting negative memories, words, and actions which is why absence makes the heart grow fonder. A Girl with Game understands that you have to leave him out of the equation to get him. In other words, you have a much better chance of getting him to realize what he’s lost if he doesn’t feel pressured into feeling it. A Girl with Game’s approach is to respect herself and his decision, and she “moves on.” She carries herself in a way that affirms she isn’t desperate, and if he doesn’t want her, that’s okay, another man will. She doesn’t say this but instead shows him. As painful as it is and as afraid as she might be to

lose him, she will always maintain her dignity. She will never chase, especially when she is being cast aside. An ex will always want to know what you are up to. It doesn't matter if he ended things. It's human nature for men to be curious about how a woman has moved on after the breakup. This is precisely why keeping a low profile is so important. An ex who is receiving text messages from you can see where you are (and what you're doing), and your 100 selfies won't feel your absence from his life. He will know you're not going anywhere, seeing anyone new, or doing anything that would prevent him from getting you back if he changed his mind. You want him to wonder if you are still into him, not be sure of it.

Step 2: Reignite the Mental Challenge. No man wants a YES woman with no backbone. Men want to be kept on their toes; they want to be mentally stimulated. Strong and mysterious women test their mental agility.

You see, men are instinctual problem solvers. They love to dismantle things and then try and figure out how to put it back together again. They enjoy this type of challenge because once they finally succeed, their sense of accomplishment feeds their ego. Their "brilliance" is validated. When a woman is inconsistent, she provides the man with the exhilarating task of trying to decipher her level of interest in him. Girls with Game are like a puzzle. Men are always trying to figure out a Girl with Game because she is elusive. That is why your goal is to alter the routine and become unpredictable. Try to focus on switching up your usual behavior and making a conscious decision to behave differently. Being unpredictable will keep him intrigued and make you attractive. It is important to remind yourself though that being unpredictable means behaving indifferently. Step 3: Be Irreplaceable

Men know that the number one goal for most women is commitment, and I hate to admit it, but it's true. We are always trying to secure a man's love. So when a woman doesn't ask where she stands, doesn't wait for a man, and appears not to be too bothered if the relationship works out or not, she immediately becomes irreplaceable. You become irreplaceable when a man recognizes that you want him, but don't need him. Is there someone else giving you attention? Do you not think your man is good enough? Could you get better? Do you think he's special? When you have a blasé attitude, it pulls him in because it means he doesn't know where HE stands in YOUR life. When a man is left guessing about your devotion towards him, it strengthens his commitment to you. He believes he must continue to compete for your affection. He will keep trying endlessly to win and thereby become more emotionally charged. Make him think he wants this more than you by behaving like a Girl with Game. Having a strategy to grab your ex's attention raises your chances considerably. It gives you a higher level of awareness by pre-empting your man's behavior as well as yours. A Game plan makes you prepared for different scenarios that might come up. It defines and drives your decisions, so you know how to conduct yourself when he does reach out. Without a strategy, your behavior will be reactive instead of proactive. This means you will have an emotional response to what your ex is doing or saying. The possibility of failing is high if you try to "wing it”. Right now, you aren't thinking logically; you are letting your heart take the lead.

Having a game plan gives you an advantage. It encourages you to have emotional restraint Take control and have the upper-hand. All my love Leandra xxx If you would like 1:1 coaching to develop your own tailored Game Plan Strategy email me at

Find out if your Ex will realize what he's lost and receive my strategies and secret Game plans.

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