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Dating and Attraction

  • Rebranding your online dating profile and social media accounts to reflect a woman with Game 

  • Implementation of strategies to ensure you are memorable

  • How to secure dates 2, 3 and more 

  • I will help you have a detailed understanding of male psychology and help you learn about all the secrets men don't want women to know. 

  • Body language techniques

  • Text and dialogue support with men 

  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses and work with you to develop a 100% personalized dating and attraction strategy to assist your needs, that will be exciting and easy to follow.

  • Turn from boring to bombshell 


Getting an ex Back or Dealing with a Permanent Break up

  • A bespoke Game Plan specific to your situation and every relationship is different

  • How to survive the breakup like a queen 

  • Ensuring detrimental mistakes are avoided

  • Damage control for when a breakup is responded to with emotional behavior 

  • Strategies to make an ex regret his decision

  • The 10 - step formula to getting him to realize what he lost and beg for forgiveness 

  • How to be a silent siren and implement the no contact rule the right way 

  • Text and dialogue support when an ex reaches out

  • Create a power shift using projection

  • Preparation for face to face meeting 

  • Ensuring that an ex will not want to lose you again


While my intention is predominantly to help you get him back if you wish to move on from the breakup, I will be happy to help you every step of the way through your heartbreak.


  • Dealing with a cheating boyfriend/spouse

  • Strategies to regain confidence

  • Effective ways to get over him

  • Personal rebranding 


Relationship Issues

As a wife and mother, I can relate to most of your concerns about your relationship and I can help you rectify any issues you have with your man.


  • Work through your emotions by cleaning emotional confidence strategies 

  • Regain respect

  • Create mental stimulation

  • Positively influence him to want commitment

  • Decoding your man

  • Speaking manglish - communicating in a way that he will respond to 

  • Create a new more powerful investment from him

  • Altering routines and sparking new interest 

  • Improving intimacy/romance / appreciation  

  • Identifying relationship weaknesses and threats and creating action plans for them 

  • Transforming your relationship from nearly broken to brilliant 


Whether it is regaining the spark, getting him to respect, appreciate and desire you again or helping you get your confidence back. Every problem you have in your relationship is solvable with my strategies and techniques! 


Online Coaching

My coaching provides an unbelievably great value, if only for the excitement and satisfying aspect of it alone.  You will feel empowered and motivated throughout your journey with me to become a Girl with Game.

I offer 1-1 coaching via email, telephone and instant WhatsApp messaging. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!







You can learn all the techniques in the world but if you don’t believe in yourself it won’t happen for you.

- Leandra De Andrade

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