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Leandra De Andrade

Founder of "This Girl's Got Game"

Author of "This Girl's Got Game" and "This Girl's Got an Ex"

Creator of workbook Journals

Breakup and relationship coach

Mentor for women

My Story

Hi lovely lady!

My name is Leandra de Andrade and I am the founder of "This Girl's Got Game", a leading coaching consultancy specializing in inspiring and mentoring women in life and love.


My story began when I was dealing with my own breakup situation.  


I felt so confused and powerless, and all the advice I came across seemed generic and disconnected. It seemed mechanical.


I didn't feel like the particular coach or author truly cared about me or my situation and failed to find a way to personalize the advice they were giving me.  


I knew I had to take action, and once I tapped into my internal Girl with Game, I manifested my happy ending.


My ex became my husband and the father to my child and I felt more confident than I had in years.  


I was internally guided to implement and document my own strategies from my breakup situation and decided that I would no longer stand by as women were set up to fail. 


Now I am sharing my knowledge and deep understanding of a woman's natural power of influence to educate women about strategies that are effective in giving them the upper hand. 


My purpose now is to be there for YOU and help you achieve the love, respect, and admiration you deserve, especially in your relationships with men. 


I've been on this inspiring journey for over a decade, and my passion for motivating women is only growing more each day. 


Helping women like you feel confident and empowered in their relationships with men is what drives me in this life. 


The secret is that you can drastically improve any situation, irrespective of the circumstances, as long as you are one step ahead. 


The women who are a part of our community have the strategies, advice, and tools to assist them in becoming the absolute best versions of themselves.


Being a Girl with Game means that you will have the ability to handle yourself with charm, dignity, and composure, making you respected and utterly irresistible.  


Over the years, I have helped thousands of women from all corners of the world with their relationships and self -confidence and now I have the opportunity to help YOU.  



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