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Our Game Plan Product is one of a kind, and there is nothing out there like it.


We will provide a 50-page personalized guide created by Leandra specifically for you and your particular situation.


General strategies are great, but sometimes you need specific tactics that are individually suited to you and your man.


Each Game Plan will include;

Scenario Assessment 

Leandra will examine your circumstance and offer feedback from her expert opinion.

Man decoded scheme

Leandra will get into your man's head and share information with you that will give you the upper hand.

Success Blueprint

What do you need for success? Leandra will identify 5 - 10 areas needed for development.

Strategic Plan

You will be provided with specific strategies / examples for your situation.

Communication Approach

Leandra will explore your communication style as a couple and teach you how to speak MANglish to him.

Tactical Tasks

Leandra will provide you with tailored exercises to help transform your personal game.

Q/A with Leandra

You will be able to ask Leandra questions regarding your Game Plan after you receive it.

Discount on coaching packages and products

If you would like to do 1:1 sessions with Leandra you will be offered her coaching packages for a discounted price. 

You will receive a questionnaire once you purchase the Game Plan.

Please send your answers to me - Email:

You will then receive your Game Plan within 72 hours. 

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