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Punish Your Man For Hurting You

You catch your man talking to another girl, going for drinks or lunch with an attractive work colleague, not coming home after a night out, or going to a strip club without telling you.

From something as simple as seeing his ex to something as complex as cheating, there are times when your man screws up. It all depends on what you regard as acceptable or unacceptable behavior. But the key rule is if you don’t want him to repeat his actions, you must discipline him the right way.

Most women are focused on what they don’t want from their men instead of what they do want. When they discipline their men, their focus goes into imposing something unpleasant on him to get him to change his behavior. But a Girl with Game uses reinforcement to change her man.

Reinforcement is increasing something pleasant to invoke a behavioral change. And to discipline (or punish, if you think that fits your situation better) your man the correct way, you need to follow the 6 Rule Reinforcement Guide.

In my video ( Click Here) I give detailed strategies on how to be his dream girl and provide much more information on how to handle a breakup but for now, here are some tips.

A good man isn’t perfect, but a bad man isn’t worth it.

Only consider applying the following rules if he’s worth it. If he’s a scumbag who cheats on you continuously kick him to the curb because 1) he’s not worth it and 2) the discipline techniques won’t work because he doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

Rule 1: Stay calm and never panic

Reinforcement Technique: Desire

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. The moment you find out about the “mistake,” stay calm and collected. Your man is confused, panicked, and out of character so the more self-control you have, the more he will be attracted and gravitate towards you. He expects tears, anger, hurtful words, and full-blown emotion, which he wanted to use to justify his deceit to you in the first place.

If you know you won’t be able to stay calm as soon as you find out, quickly retreat. Go to a friend’s house or go shopping, anything to get away from the situation, especially while it’s still fresh. Your composure is instantly intriguing because when you are calm, he won’t know what to think and that’s your advantage!

It’s as if you’ve become another woman. This makes him look at you in a fresh light. You’re a strong, desirable woman. And desire is what you want him to feel.

Rule 2: Speak with your actions, not with your words

Reinforcement Technique: Respect

When was the last time you said “We need to talk” to your man? Now think about how pointless this talk was and how much nagging you still had to do regarding the topic you “talked” about. You see, men get distracted, restless, defensive, and irritated, which makes the issue worse than when it started.

When a woman suggests there’s a problem with the relationship, he feels he’s not a good enough man for her, so he withdraws.

Talking about feelings is comforting to women, but it makes men physically uncomfortable. The woman says “You never spend time with me anymore.” The man responds while in front of the TV and on his phone, “I’m sitting here with you, aren’t I?” Talking doesn’t work for men.

By talking, you are indirectly telling your man you are waiting for him to change. He then is the one in control and the more talks you have, the more you tell him that no matter what he does, you’ll be waiting around for him to change. He knows you are not going anywhere.

Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all. If he disrespects you or takes you for granted in any way, your best tactic is to pull back a little with no explanation as to why you are doing it.

Men usually view a woman’s silence as her breaking point. He realizes he needs to make a change or he will lose her. He doesn’t see her as a pushover anymore. It gets his attention because he realizes he doesn’t have a 100% hold on her. He gains a newfound respect for her.

Rule 3: Depending on the severity, break up with him before he breaks up with you

Reinforcement Tactic: Courtship

Ask to meet for dinner in a public place and make sure you’re looking super-hot. Calmly tell him that you need a break from each other to evaluate if the relationship is working. The key is to be calm and not tell him why you’re breaking up. He will naturally figure it’s because of the mistake he’s made. Say you don’t want to be with someone else, but you also don’t want to be with someone who isn’t sure about you. This lets him know you still love him and want to be with him but that you don’t need to be with him. Leave money for the bill, then get up and leave. This is a power move that shows you are independent and have the final word.

When he is dumped, he will try to win you back. He will court you because a man always wants what he can’t have. The thought of not having you will make him work hard at getting you back and keeping you. Men enjoy the competition. That’s why you will benefit from the reinforcement technique of him courting you again.

Rule 4: A little jealousy is a good thing

Reinforcement Technique: Appreciation

The sting of jealousy reminds your partner how important you are to him by telling him about what he appreciates about you and your relationship. Jealousy pushes a man to not only feel appreciation for you but express it too. Getting angry at the thought of someone wanting you is a reminder of the physical attraction he has for you.

It can also prompt him with the motivation to change his behavior for the better. Don’t get silly and overdo it.

Simple things like laughing at another man’s joke, subtly flirting with another man in front of him or pointing out who friend requested you on Facebook is enough to get him flustered.

Remember it’s human nature to find desirable what someone else finds desirable. Make him remember why he is with you in the first place.

Rule 5: Show him what he’s missing

Reinforcement Technique: Lust

If you’ve broken up with him, pamper yourself. Put on a sexy outfit, and pay an unannounced visit to his house looking as hot as possible. Tell him you came to return his things. He might invite you in so you can talk things through. Be hesitant at first, but then agree to hear him out.

Be warned, you need to be strong. He thinks he’s going to get hot makeup sex and it’s your job to make him believe it. Kiss, touch him, let him feel you up, then abruptly say “We can’t do this.” Get up, walk out, and just like that, he’s obsessing over you and chasing after you.

This move gives him a taste of what he had and just as he thinks he’s going to get it, you make him realize he can’t have you because of his slip up. Like the ‘Tilt’ move in poker, a Girl with Game uses this strategy to cause mental and emotional short-term confusion and frustration that gives her the upper hand.

The only way this works is if you pull back when he is on the brink of yearning to have you. Don’t sleep with him or it will have the opposite effect. He will think he can treat you poorly and can still have you at the snap of his fingers. You need to make him think he can have you then deny him. He won’t be able to stop thinking about you.

Rule 6: Pay attention to yourself

Reinforcement Technique: Intrigue

The most important thing a woman can do to get his loyalty and affection back is shift her focus. She needs to stop thinking of him and start thinking of herself. Learn to enjoy being alone. Do things for yourself that make you happy.

The more independent and confident you are, the less control he has over you and the relationship. His boredom will turn into intrigue. He’ll want to know what you’re doing and why you aren’t chasing him. Every girl needs a little mystery, and it’s super easy to obtain. Just have interests and a life outside of the relationship and him. Then you will automatically be more appealing.



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Photo by Pablo Padilla on Unsplash

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